MSI GT83 TITAN-016 Full HD Extreme Gaming Laptop i7-8850H (6 cores) GTX 1070 [SLI] 16G, 32GB 512GB SSD + 1TB HDD, 18.4″


Pros: The big screen has a fabulously brilliant image. I like the pad on the right. I usually use a wireless keyboard and trackball mouse, so I’m not used to these scroll keyboard stuff. In the few cases when I use a laptop keyboard, I get to the right where my mouse should be, and if I find there aren’t any, I have to trace my hand back. With Titan, I realize that I am not using a mouse. My hand is right there.
The mechanical keyboard is cute. Among other things, I like the little click. Let me know that I wrote the letter. I often didn’t push enough on my Logitech silencer, which led to a Type O. The backlight is excellent. I like the “Old Glory” pattern. I show up for games, I can create patterns that help find the important keys.

Different ports are a big problem for me. Thunderbolt 3 is about to be the new standard for data transmission. This PC will be relevant for a long time. I really like the fact that MSI has a separate speaker and microphone jack. If I wish, I can connect external speakers while using the microphone plug for my voice recognition.

The add-on for Hi-Fi headphones is a well thought out bonus and welcome to me. I love my rock and roll. And I also like and will use the Bluray burner. Malfunctioning your memory card and storing important information on your hard drive are the safest way to save.
I also want to be able to install programs and games from a hard drive. You cannot play Steam games if you are not connected. I also don’t like giving my information to strangers in a cloud. You never know if your data will be compressed or if it will be closed tomorrow.

CONS: I must have bought a lemon. Problems showed this thing out of the box. I had a serious accident months ago and I am currently in physical rehabilitation in a nursing home. We have shared WiFi. While my 5-year-old Buget laptop went to the login page with no issues, I had to try various things, including various reboots, to display the portal login page with the Titan. Even after I finally connected, surfing the Internet with this “top killer WiFi card” was much slower than with my nameless budget WiFi card on my old 350.00 HP.

To install the free Fortnite game, they made me install G-Force Experience. BIG MISTAKE. On the one hand, the game is poor in my opinion. It’s not worth the SSD space or the issues that G-Force can cause. The G Force experience is little more than bloatware. During installation, I also got a black screen because I suspect how another reviewer got theirs. Fortunately, after pressing the power button, I pressed the two buttons on the left. I forgot who did it, but the screen immediately came back. Angry !!

You can also avoid the killer software and the kite center. I’ve read a lot about Titan in forums and reviews here and elsewhere. 80% of MSI owners who answered a survey do not use the kite center. Those who do this are constantly concerned about driver problems. They sound like geeks who enjoy dealing with these things and having toys rather than a smooth and reliable computer. I also read that Windows updates blocked multiple MSI computers, but ONLY those that were not reinstalled.
What I have gathered from everything I have read is that MSI builds a very good computer, but stays away from its software.

When I made the updates and installed my files and downloaded some Steam games so slowly, it got worse. The kicker who suggested he had a hardware problem was the battery. After a few days I noticed that the battery was 99% empty and was NOT charging. Then it was 98% and it was not charged and a few days, 97%, it was NOT charged.
Boy, 96 days to go and I’d be dead. Connecting to the Internet became almost impossible, and if I could connect, I couldn’t go anywhere. Each page I tried took so long that I received the timeout message. In terms of usability, it had no internet at all.

Overall rating: no problems.
But even after a phone call telling them that I wanted a replacement and that I was requesting a replacement and no refund for the return flight ticket, they temporarily sold out. Despite the fact that I have also submitted a new order / notification when they are back in stock, they have processed a refund. This will take days. My money is tied while they are back in stock. With my luck if I can buy that again they will be titanium again. Although I paid for the next day delivery, the return took 4 days. If she had returned earlier, she might have received the sale price, including a promo code she entered. I consoled myself with the thought that the money was making up for a headache by getting my information out of the SSD, repackaging it, sending it in, and waiting here in geriatric hell without gambling. This did not happen because the sale ended twelve hours before receiving and approving my return. To top it off, they sold my replacement to someone else. Three days later, I am still waiting for a response to the 9 emails I sent to a manager when he emailed me how he could help me.
If this ever changes and I get the replacement, I intend to slowly configure it and avoid some of its software. I also intend to do a new installation first. From what I’ve read, this is critical and you could do it first before loading it with missing programs. The only thing is that I will lose the fuzzy software. Perhaps other software. On the other hand, for a lot less money, I see an attractive omen from HP offering fabulous reviews and similar features, including the Blitz 3 (2 of them actually), 2 sets of speakers, and microphone jacks (4 total). There is no burner or raid, but is the cost of upgrading or repairing the additional 4% speed on SSD worth it? Raid was great for HDD and there is Raid 5, which in addition to the speed factor also protects the data, but contains 3 SSD cards. Hopefully Newegg will get his things together and I’ll write a great review for the next Titan. We’ll see. You’ve screwed up lately. I joined a month ago and specifically paid for this first-class shipping purchase. Three things I previously ordered came too late because their system didn’t know I was a Premier member. When they tried to send me another Illinois Titan by land, I called them and asked them to call and send them from Cali the next day. PCs are fragile and the last thing you want to do is jump on a truck for days, let alone unload them at different stops along the way. new egg promised to make up for everything. I’m curious if they get that far, there is no email or call today.

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