Skullcandy Titan with Mic Earphones/Earbuds Stereo Headphone – Red/Black


Pros: I was amazed at the scope and clarity of this and the Skullcandy S2IKDZ-101, as well as the fit and comfort. After a few years Skullcandy discontinued the versions without a microphone, so I went to Newegg and bought some of the older ones.

Great bass, clear at any volume, no “buzz” and comfortable. The flat cable also helps prevent tangles.
I definitely recommend the S2DUHZ-335 and S2IKDZ-101 if you can get them.

CONS: The only disadvantage is that Skullcandy discontinued models without a microphone. The microphone volume control module is in a bad position on the cable and I’m not using it anyway. If you see the older models at Newegg or an outlet store (and they’re not fake), buy a handful!

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