Ergotron 45-241-026 Mounting Arm for Flat Panel Display


LX LCD Monitor Arm for Desk Mount

The slim, streamlined and extremely robust LX arm offers an attractive way to display your monitor while saving lots of desk space. Once installed, the monitor can be extended, raised / lowered, tilted, rotated and rotated to seamlessly adapt to your specific needs and allow you to work in a more comfortable position. It is easy to install and has cable management to keep messy cables out of sight.

Pros: This thing could be bulletproof. There are plenty of other mounts, but if you really want your monitor to be stable and secure, do so. Integrated cable management ensures a clean appearance. Easy to set up. Many configuration options, for the implementation of which NO tools or levers are required, press, pull and turn. Adjustable for most table widths and lockable on the desk with a slim lock cable (not included).

CONS: Honestly, I can’t think of any. The price also seems fair for the quality.

Overall Rating: I have a 34 “LG Ultra-Wide 2K monitor attached to this stand that weighs around 16 pounds, but the stand is designed to hold up to 20 pounds and I think this is correct. It holds it in place and there is no problem with light squeezing I’m absolutely sure this will protect my  monitor, and much more practical than the wall mounted version.

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