Homall Gaming Chair Office Chair High Back Computer Chair PU Leather Desk Chair PC Racing Executive Ergonomic Adjustable Swivel Task Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Support(Black)


PROS: Excellent smooth rolls.
Gaslift easily supported my weight.

CONS: the seat is very hard and uncomfortable.
The seat is narrow and has “wings” that press against the legs of “taller” people.
The armrests are not very robust.

Overall rating: great looking chair. I bought this chair less than a year ago and it’s already falling apart. I am 6’1 “tall and weighing around 260 lbs. The chair easily supported my weight and the gas lift worked well at any height I tried. The wheels roll smoothly. The seat not comfortable for a person my size. The width of the area where his back sits is only 15 inches wide at the front and narrower at the back. The “wings” that rise on either side are Separated from the seat and pinching my legs when I sit in the seat. On the right side of the seat it loosened and fluttered. Initially, the seat felt firm, but after almost a year it still has not collapsed and is hard as a rock. My butt hurts after sitting in this chair for 20 minutes or more I am an older, heavier, disabled man and I used the chair armrests to get up from this chair when I got up, the arms are not sturdy and they have not tolerated this use. They slowly bent outward and I finally removed them entirely. The back of the chair with lumbar and neck pillows was very comfortable. The overall design of the chair supported the immersion in the room and the flight simulations that I enjoy playing. Paired with a VR headset and I felt like I was really in the cabin … until my butt started to hurt. This would be a good chair for younger and “smaller” people, although you may need to buy a cheap seat cushion. For those of us who are taller and bulkier, I would suggest another option with a much wider seating area.

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