beyerdynamic Soul BYRD wired premium in-ear headphones in black


A closed in-ear headphone that offers balanced sound with excellent bass, first-class comfort and easy operation. Three-button in-line remote * with microphone makes music and call management easy. Five pairs of different size ear plugs ensure a secure and comfortable fit for each ear. A cable clip allows you to connect the cable to clothing to prevent tangles or cable spurts. The Beyerdynamic Soul BYRD is ideal for use with your phone, tablet and laptop and your multi-dimensional companion for everyday life during the week.

This is a universal three button remote control for Android and iOS. The volume increase / decrease function depends on the playback device used.

A man with beyerdynamic in-ear headphones
Very comfortable to wear
The ergonomically shaped shell ensures a secure and particularly firm fit in the ear. Thanks to the flat shape of the shell, the ear fits discreetly on the ear and is therefore ideal for relaxing or sleeping without discomfort.

Fits perfectly
Five pairs of ear plugs in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL ensure the perfect fit for your ear. The silicone used to make the earplugs is soft, silky and fits perfectly in the ear canal so you can enjoy the best possible sound reproduction.

Ideal for your life
The universal three-button remote with microphone offers you full functionality on Android and iOS playback devices. This way, you can flexibly manage your media playback, phone calls, and personal assistants (Google, Siri, etc.).

Would you like to give your Beyerdynamic Soul BYRD a rest? Store it safely in its compact and practical hard case.

Sophisticated design
Designers and hearing specialists worked closely together to develop our BYRD beyerdynamic series. The result: simple elegance, impressive sound and pleasant wearing comfort.

True reliability
Robust and durable – these features are an integral part of our beyerdynmaic BYRD series. That’s why we only use exclusive high-quality components in our in-ear headphones.

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