Sony WH1000XM3 Premium Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Built in Microphone WH-1000XM3/S Silver + Deco Gear Wood Headphone Display Stand Holder + Protective Travel Carry Case


After owning the already excellent WH-1000XM2 headphones for almost a year, I was excited to see how Sony could improve the best headphones on the market. Long story short: You discovered the small shortcomings of the model from the previous year and did your best to remedy them. This made the WH-1000XM3 headphones lighter, thinner, and better able to suppress noise. These seemingly minor changes result in a significant update.

– The 1000XM3 looks like the 1000XM2, but you can’t be fooled. With the 1000XM3, the profile is more subtle and the ear muffs don’t seem to protrude that far from your head. The headband has a tighter fit and reduces the distance between the headband and the head. All in all, the design is slimmer and much more sophisticated.
– The 1000XM3 are certainly more comfortable than last year’s model and much easier to carry for longer periods. This is due to adjustments in padding and weight. The padding around the ear muffs and headband seems to be much more luxurious. Meanwhile, the 1000XM3’s weight has been reduced by 20 grams, from 275 grams to 255 grams. It may seem small, but this difference in weight is the first thing I noticed the first time I put on the 1000XM3.
– With the black model, adding bronze accents around the Sony microphones and logos is a nice touch and contributes to the premium look of the 1000XM3. The included carrying case also has a higher quality look and a robust nylon finish.
– Summary: These are the most comfortable and best designed headphones I’ve ever used. I have used it for hours last week and have never felt the need to remove it. The design is of high quality, robust and functional. I absolutely have no complaints here.

– Sony has added a new chip called “HD QN1 Noise Canceling Processor” to this year’s model, which offers four times more signal processing power than the 1000XM2. This upgrade is designed to give you greater situational awareness when using these headphones in crowded places.
– So far I have used headphones in two very different situations: on the plane and at my desk in a busy office. On the plane, I set noise cancellation in the Sony Connect app for iPhone to maximum and turned off ambient noise. It worked very well, perhaps the best noise cancellation I’ve ever seen on a plane. I turned on the ambient noise in my office and chose the “focus on voice” option. When the employees approach my desk behind me, I can hear their voice if they are only a few feet away from me and don’t have to pat their shoulders. It works great and works better than I expected.
– The Sony Connect app also has a feature that allows you to see when you are walking, sitting, running or traveling. The noise suppression level is automatically adjusted to allow for certain noises, such as car horns or voices, if necessary. Wearing headphones around town or while running can be an invaluable feature.
– Summary: The 1000XM3 offers by far the best noise cancellation I’ve ever seen on my headphones. The range of customization and controls offered is astonishing and takes noise cancellation to a whole new level.

– Like previous models, the 1000XM3 has a feature called Quick Attention, which is probably my favorite part of these headphones. If someone is talking to you and you want to hear what they are saying without stopping your music or taking off your headphones, you can simply cover the touchpad on the right earbud. The headphones automatically lower the volume, reduce noise cancellation, and let you hear voices and sounds around you. I love it and it’s great to be able to talk to a flight attendant or a seatmate on the plane.
– The complete right hearing aid is a touch panel that is intuitive and easy to use. Swipe up or down to adjust the volume, left or right to control the track, double-tap to start or stop playback, and press and hold to activate Siri / Google Assistant.
– Sony has taken a step into the future with USB-C on the 1000XM3. The charging cable plug is more compact and reversible, making connection easier.
– The 1000XM3’s battery life is still 30 hours, but the quick charge function has been significantly improved. 

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