JBL Free Truly Wireless in-Ear Headphones (Black)


JBL Free X The truly wireless in-ear headphones offer JBL Signature Sound in an intuitive but smart package.
Enjoy a full day of wireless audio with 4 hours of continuous playback and 20 hours of emergency power from the charging case
The IPX5 certified design ensures that music plays in the sun and rain.
Take complete control of your calls and music with one intuitive button
First-class ergonomics with 3 sizes of ear plugs and 2 sizes of gel caps ensure a secure fit that stays with you, no matter what you do

Overall Rating: As a preface, I have a couple of AirPods that I use with my phone. These work very well, but are not particularly easy to use when it comes to using them on my Windows PC. When I sit at my desk, I have nice and comfortable headphones, but I also connect my PC to my TV and use it from the deck chair. Usually the only sound is through the speakers, but since I don’t live alone I always wanted a pair of headphones (no headphones because I think they’re thick when I put them down) that work just as perfectly as my AirPods with my phone and would offer a long-lasting battery for long periods of time.

These headphones do exactly that for me. I can play audio through my speakers. As soon as I take the headphones off and put them on my ear, the audio is transferred to them. They dock very fast and the range is fantastic: I could still hear the audio from my kitchen on the first floor from my PC on my third floor (very impressed). I spent between 8.5 and 9 hours of battery life on them before I had to put them back in the case to charge them. Speaking of shell: It has a smooth, high-quality exterior and the headphones are satisfactorily secured with magnets in the shell. The case itself also works with magnets, and I’m concerned about opening and closing it. The case has a USB port on the back, so you can use it as a battery for your phone if necessary. I don’t really see myself because it’s only 2200 mAh, but it gives me good security. I know I have it if I need to revive my phone if necessary.

In terms of convenience, my ears ached for a few hours in the first few days, but after reviewing the new page, I found that I was not using it correctly: I placed it completely horizontally and not obliquely as shown in the description. I’ve been wearing them a lot since I noticed this and now they feel much better and I don’t have severe ear fatigue. The only thing I don’t like about these is what most people would love about them. After wearing open headphones and AirPods that don’t isolate the sound, I don’t particularly like the impressive noise isolation, but that’s just my personal preference. Sound quality is good, high and medium clear tones and booming bass due to noise isolation. Sometimes I felt that they might sound cloudy, but if I put them in my ear, that would be solved.

The ONLY real criticism I can come up with is that it’s hard to keep track of which ones are left and right because they are perfectly symmetrical and even the logo looks the same when flipped. The only way to tell the left from the right is the embossed L and R on the back of the headset, which I don’t think is particularly easy in the dark or in general.

Overall, these really impressed me. I have no other real wireless headphones in this price range to compare, but even compared to my first generation AirPods they really stand out and how well they work on PC from pairing to using controls She is my case. I have already recommended it to my girlfriend and some friends and family. For the price, I don’t think you can really find anything better!

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