JBL JBLT210BLKAM in-Ear Headphone with One-Button Remote/Mic, Black


They are light, comfortable and compact. Beneath the sturdy headphone shell, two 9mm drivers produce deep bass and reproduce the pure JBL bass sound you’ve experienced in concert halls, arenas, and recording studios around the world. You can also use the one-button remote control of a tangle-free flat cable to control music playback and take calls in no time with a built-in microphone. Make the JBL Tune110 your daily companion on the go, at home, and on the go.

PROS: very good sound with good bass reproduction
Comfortable enough for longer wear times
Angled earphones suitable for left and right
Tangle-resistant ribbon cabling
Built-in microphone and pause / play button

CONS: strange 135 ° connector angle
Cables transmit the boom to the ear

Overall Rating: Superior sound, especially bass, compared to other cheap headphones at this price. Although a small “boom” of the cables is transmitted to your ear due to the bass tubes, just by moving or touching the cables. Three cups of different sizes to adjust the fit, which slide deeper into the ear canal than other buttons, block out ambient noise. Very convenient for long-term use, almost flush with the outer ear, so it can even be placed on its side. Flat cables are less tangled, although they can be easily twisted and do not wind well when not in use. Angled headphones can only be easily recognized by left-to-right feel, rather than guessing the case or searching for “R” or “L”. The 3.5mm angled 3.5mm jack is a bit odd, I would prefer a 90 ° jack and it has no advantage over a straight 180 ° I can see.

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