These are lazada power bank that tested to last and durability.

myCharge – Adventure Plus 6,700 mAh Portable Charger for Most USB-Enabled Devices 

So wonderful that I bought several! This portable adventure charger is absolutely perfect for my needs. And I was amazed at how fast it was fully charged and ready to go. It came with a chain considerably longer than I expected, most of BC are incredibly short. My husband used it on a flight from home with a stopover, then to Denver, and he still had a lot of cargo left. This tank has a lot of cargo and wonderful properties, 3 is still not enough! I bought it and the “selling point” for me was the “Carabiner Clip” and the “Durable Rubber Exterior”. I am a person with multiple disabilities, one of which is neuropathy. So I keep dropping things (and breaking them), and the snap hook makes a big difference to me. But I could add, the rubber exterior is also incredibly suitable for people with all kinds of disabilities, people with various types of RA, fibromyalgia, lupus, etc. BC when your limbs start to burn or start to feel uncomfortable. You have a better chance of holding a device with a rubber exterior! These may be little things “normal” people don’t think about, but maybe they should. Your hands can go numb in cold weather. If your vehicle breaks down and needs help but is away from signs, hiking or skiing, you may need additional charging power. I’m just trying to add perspective for those who need it.

Anker – PowerCore Metro 20,000 mAh Portable Charger for Most USB-Enabled Devices

I bought this so that my daughter would go to Europe to study abroad. This charger has a high charge and can charge multiple items. This is a great tool if you travel a long distance and don’t need a reliable power source for a period of time. Build quality is excellent.

mophie – Powerstation XXL 20,000 mAh Portable Charger for Most USB-Enabled Devices 

I was thrilled when I bought this because I had left town and knew I would be doing many tours, which means taking photos and running low on battery! When I recorded it, it was a bit ehhhh because it was a bit big and heavy, but when I used it, I loved it. My phone was charged in a timely manner. The charging port to charge this device are the new C plugs used by the new Android. So if you have someone who needs to change their phone and an iPhone user, you’re in luck

Anker – PowerCore+ 26,800 mAh Portable Charger for Most USB-Enabled Devices

I bought this power bank because it is the largest that can be put on an airplane. The limit is 30,000mah. I charged it all night and it charged my phone like 10 times. If you want a power bank that you’re not afraid of dying on a long trip, get this bad boy.

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