Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand – Good match aluminum material. Excellent solid. Even with the clear case, I have it on the Pro. Protect my Mac on the surface of my bar. It is almost a spill insurance. I added a Blu-ray drive and a USB port / card reader at the bottom. Therefore, it is now more of a utility dock. Great setup!


Laptop Stand for Desk KXLY  – This is a solid bracket that is made of aluminum and does not fluctuate easily. Moving requires a lot of strength, it is very robust. I think it’s great that my laptop is kept away from the desk so you don’t have to lean forward, lie down or look down while I’m working on my laptop. It has anti-slip pads on the bottom to keep it in place and on top to keep the laptop safe and stable. It is fully customizable for any screen and can be lifted from the desk approximately 6 inches.
The only thing I don’t like is that my laptop vibrates when I try to touch it. Ideal for viewing, scrolling, but not for writing.


3M Laptop Stand – The stand is rubberized, fits amazingly beautifull with my 15.6-inch laptop. With  3-inch height adjustment range, so you can tirelessly adjust it to your ideal height and angle. Three inches may not seem like much, but since this raises and tilts your entire laptop, it means the screen is a good 9 inches or more than if you were sitting on a desk, which means I can look forward instead of look down after long writing sessions and hurt my neck. The stand is very small and compact and does not take up much space. It has a non-slip base that holds the stand (and laptop) securely in place. My laptop feels incredibly stable on this stand, and if I don’t pull on the cables or anything like that, I don’t feel like I’m going anywhere. 


AOOU Cool Desk Laptop stand  – This is very well done, good welds, it looks like it comes from a little shop somewhere and the people who work there could probably have done everything because they know how to build quality. Secondly, it is functional, it works for my purposes, it has a use and yes, it certainly works, I will use it for breakfast at the coffee table in the front room and I have already done it in so many positions that I honestly feel ashamed. said a little, I’ve only known him for 2 hours. 3. It is design and this is fantastic design. Whoever designed the prototype and continued to work on it praised it for creating something unique, even if items similar to the things you saw or used were borrowed or copied.


Kavalan Portable Laptop Stand – This is a great laptop stand because it is very easy to disassemble and store! It is also made entirely of metal, making it very sturdy and generally holds your laptop well if you don’t move the stand much after assembling it. I use my laptop on a desk with the stand and I tend to adjust things a bit. If I move the bracket around a lot it’s easy to pick up one of the small brackets at the back and slide it out of the slot or run it through the brackets at the front which are good but quite flat I think they would be better if they were a little bit more deep. But if you are not a restless person, this is great for you and is generally a great support. I still really like it.


Macally Aluminum Laptop Stand for Desk – The bracket sections fit snugly and the screw holes are perfectly threaded. Assembly is simple and intuitive, but the included instruction sheet contains clear step-by-step instructions. Complete assembly in approximately 2 minutes. Non-slip inserts are attached to the laptop stand, as is the base. The stand neither slides on a desk, nor could aluminum scratch a glass table. The finely finished satin aluminum stand complements my MacBook Pro and HP Envy Windows laptop.



 Angles Adjustable Laptop – Made of high quality, stable and robust wood.
With a 2-piece bezel design for the book, you can use this stand to read books hands-free and very convenient.
With 4 adjustable angles that allow you to write and observe comfortably, you can finally straighten your posture and avoid subsequent pain.
Vented laptop stand ensures laptops work cooler and don’t overheat.
It measures approximately 305 x 240mm (LxW), suitable for 7-15.6inch tablets and laptops including Apple MacBook, Microsoft Surface, Dell XPS, HP, iPad etc.


Soundance Laptop Stand – I really like this laptop mount. It holds my 13 “MacBook Pro smoothly. It was well packaged and delivered on time and only took about 2 minutes to put together. It is very convenient to use. I can only recommend it.


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