Pyle Portable Adjustable Laptop Stand – Two Thumbs Up I considered the “newest model in this item” and a few other variations of a laptop mount, but ended up choosing it because it had no fancy moving parts or collapse mechanisms that made me question its robustness. I am glad I have taken at least this path for my needs. If you want a SUPER quick mount / demount then something else might work better for you as screwing the bars in and out takes a few minutes but as I said I prefer something solid like this that takes a little more time to assemble.


AxcessAbles DJLTS-01 Portable Folding Laptop – It also comes with a small shelf that is very useful for installing an external hard drive. The only downside to the rack is that it has an open floor and I couldn’t fit my external hard drive without the hard drive crashing. However, I solved this problem with velcro tapes that I wrapped around the shelf and inserted the external hard drive into the straps to secure it (see photos). Also, the rack was only delivered with ONE split pin to attach it to the bracket.
The bag it came with had a crack that I think would get worse. For this reason, I contacted Amazon about this issue. Unfortunately, a replacement for the carry-on bag could not be shipped, so they sent me a replacement for the entire booth. When I received the replacement, I noticed that it came with TWO split pins to attach the shelf to the bracket.


Samson LTS50 Laptop Stand – What impressed me the most is the construction. He had used a lectern with the tray perpendicular to the floor and it worked, but it wasn’t as stable as this one. I also looked at some other brands, but most were made cheaply. Here are a few things that make this stand out: First, the clamping mechanisms are quick-release mechanisms and not the cheesy knobs that any other bracket I’ve tried uses. Secondly, if you are considering this for a really heavy device like a projector, the pins for the support bar guarantee that it will be compatible. Frankly, pens are probably never needed as the main release mechanisms are kept in place.


Digistand LP01 Folding DJ Laptop Stand – Perfect height fit for me, I’m 6.2 years old, so it’s great for my back after hours of djing to have my laptop almost at eye level.


Pyle Portable Folding Laptop Stand – Folds easily and fits in a backpack with your laptop and other gear. It also comes with a smaller rack that you can install or remove to power an external hard drive or other smaller device. The only thing that could make this a little better would be if the height was adjustable, but it’s definitely not a deciding factor for me as I’m on the bigger side (6’3 “). If you’re looking for a very laptop looking and without breaking the bank, I would definitely suggest picking one up.


On-Stage LPT5000 Laptop Computer Stand – This booth is quite surprising if you want to set up devices in a hardware based recording studio. I had to get more than one to stack drum machines and sequencers on a counter in my studio. They also combine some of the new Moog synth box kits like a dream! So fun and useful to pass some kits over other kits when your space is limited!


Rockville Adjustable Dual Shelf – The shelf is strong. Unlike other models, the feet are reinforced with an “L” structure. However, it is not perfect, adjusting things is very tedious. The bars are not really straight and one has been slightly bent. Overall, I would recommend it.


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