Instant Personal Loan & Guide Online is an instant personal loan platform for all mobile users.

Instant loans in the mobile guide With this application you can get all the details on how to get personal loans, home loans, educational loans, credit card loans, business loans, gold loans, car loans, bicycle loans.

Loans range from £ 10,000 to £ 5,00,000
Duration of the charge: 3 months to 60 months. Interest rates vary from 1.33% to 2.5%, depending on the customer’s risk profile and the product used.
For example, if the loan amount is £ 50,000 and the interest is 22% per year for a period of 91 days; after deduction of other fees
Interest = £ 50,000 x 22% / 365 x 91 = £ 2,742

Loans of £ 10,000 to £ 5,000,000 with an average monthly interest rate between 1.33% and 2.5%. These instant loans are granted for a period of 3 months to 60 months. The standard processing fee varies between 2.5% and 4% of the loan amount.
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The loan amount ranges from £ 10,000 to £ 5.00,000
The duration of the loan varies from 3 months to 5 years (60 months)
Annual interest rates vary between – 16-36% *
Processing fee varies between 2.5% and 4% *

For a loan of £ 50,000 with an annual interest rate of 18% and a term of 24 months, the total interest and charges are £ 11,679.

* These numbers are guidelines and the final interest rate or processing fee may vary from user to user depending on their credit rating

NOTE: This application only provides guidelines to apply for a loan on your phone and does not grant you any type of loan.

Declaimers: We do not ask the applicant for an advance loan payment. Note that some type of scam sucks.


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