Create and experience real conversations from real people only on Rizzle. Join a community that listens and lets your voice be heard. Download the app now and capture the world around you in 60 seconds. Talk, react, play or present your own show! Use Rizzle’s prompts and you’ll never run out of ideas to talk. Easily create small vlogs on Rizzle! Becoming a creator in Rizzle is as easy as 1,2,3!
1. Create your own channel and create short videos on any topic.
2. Get introduced and go viral!
3. Upgrade to a premium channel and monetize your videos!

Premium channels🎞
Rizzle now supports premium channels! You can earn money with your short videos. Once your channel qualifies for premium status, you can update your channel. Subscribers can sponsor your channel regularly.

Rizzle competitions
Plus, now you can take part in weekly competitions and win exciting cash prizes!

Rizzle360 is a program that focuses on all the news, opinions, pop culture and more. Bring news in its harshest form, share trends, speak up, and capture the world around you!
Speak on all fronts. Your perspective is important! Whether it’s local news, sports, entertainment or celebrity gossip, fashion reviews and movies; Don’t miss a thing and send it to Rizzle – Short Videos!

Rizzle Series is a show that focuses on creating improv talent that you never knew you had. Be it stranger things, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, That Us Us, The Big Bang Theory, F.R.I.E.N.D.S and so on. Rizzle is a pioneer in high-quality video content where fans can do their best to recreate their popular television moments.

Rizzle Features:
Here are some things that make Rizzle different (and better) than the rest.

Isn’t it frustrating when you run out of ideas? Rizzle has covered you with directions! You can even reinterpret and create iconic pop culture moments based on the improvisations Rizzle serves.

Striking creation
We care more about history and less about filters; Use segments for raw shots, B-roll for shots, and erasers to add more sauce to your piece later.

Positive community of creators
The creative community at Rizzle is very welcoming, supportive and appreciates different perspectives. We work together by publishing tags and guest posts on assignable channels to enable a more complete and interactive experience.

Entering signature channels
The opening credits determine the mood of the audience. So choose an animation and accompanying music to reflect the true identity of your channel.


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