The gaming headphones for ps4 have in-line audio control, a removable noise-canceling microphone, comfortable memory foam, and impressive in-game audio. Online audio control allows gamers to quickly mute or change the volume of their headphones simply by using the controls on the headphone cable instead of using the console settings to customize the sound. The removable cloud noise canceling microphone reduces background noise, provides an improved in-game chat experience, and offers the convenience of an easy pull to switch between playing and listening to music. HyperX’s signature memory foam offers comfort for long-lasting marathon-style gaming sessions. Softly padded synthetic leather on both headband and ear cushions not only offers comfort, but also better sound quality due to the closed cup design. HyperX Cloud delivers impressive in-game audio with crisp bass, mids, and high notes. The cloud is HiFi compliant, has 53mm drivers and offers an impressive gaming experience due to its superior sound quality.

1. HyperX Cloud Official Playstation Licensed Gaming Headset – Officially licensed for PlayStation; tested and approved by Sony
Uses a 3.5mm jack that allows you to easily connect the headphones to the controller
Hi-Fi compatible, with 53mm drivers offering enhanced bass response, clear low, mid and high tones, and a closed cup design that provides an environment for an impressive gaming experience
The headphones are designed with comfort in mind and feature memory foam cushions and an adjustable headband that provides stability and durability.
The microphone is digitally enhanced, removable, adjustable and noise-canceling. These features allow for an improved in-game chat experience.

2. HyperX Cloud Stinger – Gaming Headset – The HyperX Cloud Stinger main cable with a single 3.5mm jack connects directly to the headphone / microphone combo jack on most laptops, PS4, Xbox One, smartphones and other portable devices. Use the supplied extension cable with separate headphone and microphone jacks to connect the Stinger to the headphone output on the desktop PC and to the microphone input jacks

3. PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset – A gaming headset: experience everything from big bangs to whispering silent warnings in stunning 7.1 virtual surround sound and chatting with friends via hidden noise-canceling microphones
Use the Headset Companion app to download custom audio modes created by developers exclusively for PlayStation 4 systems and specifically designed to enhance the audio in your favorite games
Stylish comfort: Enjoy the comfort that you can enjoy for hours and a look that can go anywhere. Personalize your look even more by swapping the removable front panels for something else
Developed for PlayStation VR: Discover the incredible worlds of virtual reality with headphones that you can comfortably use with PlayStation VR

4. Turtle Beach Recon 70 Gaming Headset for PlayStation 4 – It was designed not to interfere. Despite its size, the microphone picks up sound well and has a mute function. If you’re in the middle of the game and need to have a conversation outside of the game, you can flip the microphone and it will mute you so your teammates don’t have to hear you clarify your dinner plans.

5. Razer Kraken Gaming Headset – The Razer Kraken is really the Razer Kraken Pro V3. Razer went crazy over his name and confused everyone. Then they went back to the original name Razer Kracken. This model has original oval headphones and an improved microphone. I currently have a Razer Kraken 7.1 v1 and 7.1 v2. He gave my wife version 1 and bought the new 2019 Razer Kraken so I can replace it. About 1 year ago I bought and returned the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition with THX. The sound and the microphone were terrible. The Razer Kracken 2019 uses this free software to simulate 7.1 surround sound


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