Dive into the action with the Corsair Void RGB Elite USB Premium Gaming Headset. Specially tuned 50mm neodymium audio drivers deliver 7.1 surround sound on PC. Microfiber mesh and memory foam pads ensure long-lasting comfort. Connect to your PC or PS4 with a 2.4GHz radio connection with low latency, with a range of up to 40 feet and an all-day battery life of up to 16 hours. An omni-directional LED mute microphone ensures you are heard in exceptional voice quality. The distinctive design and durable construction of the RGB Elite vacuum is complemented by fully customizable RGB lighting in each earpiece. Powerful Corsair iCUE software connects everything and gives you full control over EQ settings, 7.1 surround sound, RGB lighting, and more.

Corsair Void RGB Elite USB Premium Gaming Headset – So far these headphones have been fantastic! I am a person who has completely abandoned the headphones for “games” because you only pay for the name. I originally wanted this in 3.5mm stereo because I just wanted good sound and a set that I could use for my phone and all gaming systems. I accidentally ordered the USB set and I’m glad I made this mistake, because the simulated 7.1 is really worth it. I started playing on PS4 The Division, and while I was downtown I tested the sound and was able to use the sound on my headphones to determine exactly where the radio was in the room. While battling waves of enemies and wondering if the wave was over, I heard the sound of feet pounding the snow from my left atrium and the noise of the team telling me that more enemies were coming. I couldn’t see it.There were collectible phones that tell more of the story, and I was able to find more because I could hear it in the distance where I couldn’t hear it before.

I tested the microphone in this game and my brother said it sounded clearer than my last pair, Turtle Beach P11, and said it seemed like he could only hear me and there was no background noise.The earphone is also very comfortable and blocks noise around you very well. Some people reported that the headphones were too loose, but unless you turn your head fast enough to receive a whiplash, rock-to-metal music, or have a peanut-sized head, that’s not a problem at all. However, I would say that because memory foam is so good at avoiding noise it takes a little getting used to speaking into the microphone. I mean you feel like you have to speak louder because you can’t hear yourself speaking, but when you play you usually stop thinking about it and still speak at a normal volume.

    – Hear everything from the lightest step to the thunderous explosion thanks to specially tuned first-class 50mm neodymium audio drivers with high density and an extended frequency range of 20Hz to 30,000Hz.
  • Designed for long-term comfort thanks to long gaming sessions with breathable microfiber mesh and soft memory foam pads.
  • An omni-directional microphone picks up your voice with exceptional clarity, with a folding mute function and a built-in mute LED indicator.
  • Built to play for years with durable construction and aluminum yokes.
    Dive into 7.1 surround sound on your PC and create a multi-channel audio experience that puts you in the middle of your game.


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