Listen and sound like a pro with the Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset . Pro with detachable microphone and Blue VO! CE software for voice communication with professional sound. Featuring next-generation 7.1 surround sound and PRO G 50mm drivers for incredibly clear sound. Synthetic leather or velvet earmuffs padded with soft memory foam. Robust steel + aluminum construction. With the external premium USB sound card, you get crystal clear game sound and voice chat. Designed for tournaments with downloadable audio EQ profiles that have been optimized by your favorite eSports professionals.
I can’t directly compare it, but I find them very convenient and they come with cloth mugs that I changed from the feather-shaped mugs that I found too hot.

Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset

Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset¬† – I prefer open headphones and generally only wear headphones around my neck when I play, but damn, the sound quality of those. I used to use Sennheiser Game One but chose Logitech’s new closed pair due to positive reviews. The sound quality is really very good and much better than I expected. I would say that it is comparable to or even better than the Audio Technica ATH-M40x, which is of better quality than the M50x, which was impressive and without software. The overall quality of the microphone without software was meh, but when I tried the VERY easy to use Logitech software, the following happened. I managed to make the microphone sound like a blue yeti in terms of quality, which really says something. The Yeti is an expensive microphone and such a good headphone microphone is quite impressive. Now the sound quality is not as good as with Game One, as Open Back IMO always sounds better, but still worth it for the amazing microphone, but a mixer XLR microphone always sounds better. The cable is removable! A connected cable is always a deciding factor for me when I buy headsets or headphones, and many gaming headsets don’t have detachable cables that are as good for Logitech and unlike most companies that supply us with rubber cables. Logitech supplied a braided cable, which my cat doesn’t like to chew, unlike the Game One’s rubber cables, where I went through 3 cables. Overall a great buy and I’d say the mic is even good for streaming, but you should use an XLR for streaming.


  • Detachable professional-grade microphone with real-time blue voice technology, including noise suppressor, compressor, limiter, and more for cleaner, professional-sounding voice communication; Requires supplied external USB sound card, Windows PC and Logitech G HUB software
    Next Gen 7.1 and object-based surround sound for increased object position, distance and awareness during gameplay. Requires supplied external USB sound card, Windows PC and Logitech G HUB software

    Soft ear cushions made of memory foam with premium synthetic leather with passive noise suppression or soft, breathable velvet for maximum comfort
  • Built for long life with a durable aluminum fork and steel headband. Impedance – 35 ohms

  • The advanced PRO G 50mm drivers deliver clear and accurate sound reproduction with enhanced bass response. Hear footsteps and environmental warnings clearly to give you the competitive edge in the game

  • The external premium USB sound card with EQ profile memory offers tournament-level game sound and voice communication. Use Logitech G HUB to save EQ settings to built-in memory or use tournament systems. Requires a PC with G HUB software

  • Professionally designed EQ profiles can be downloaded with Logitech G HUB software. With built-in memory, you can save the user-optimized or professional 5-band EQ for use in tournaments

  • The PRO X gaming headphones also come with a mobile cable with in-line microphone, so you can use the headphones without a boom microphone. The headset also includes a carrying case to protect the headset and accessories on the go


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