Does SADES Gaming Headset work with ps4 and does it have usb compatibility? The answer is Yes. This is the USB socket that is compatible with the PC. And they are also compatible with the PS4, but the sound is not that great and you cannot adjust the sound directly. If you need to use the PS4, SADES Gaming Headset recommended to buy headphones with 3.5 jack.

SADES Gaming Headset – The headphones themselves are absolutely huge. I would not recommend getting this if you have a smaller head; It barely fits mine, even with the smallest fit. The sound quality is excellent. The bass is powerful without overwhelming anything else. I’m a little disappointed that they don’t really pick up much noise, if any. I can easily hear someone speaking from across the room while listening to music. The microphone blew my mind; Not only does it slide on the headphones, but the microphone itself can be bent in any direction. The microphone quality is also good, but not the best. Overall, it is a very nice headset, so it has five stars. However, if you are looking for noise cancellation, these are not for you.

SADES Gaming Headset for New Xbox One, PS4, PC, Noise Reduction Game Earphone, Bass Surround Over-Ear Headphones 3.5MM Jack Headset for Xbox one Mac, Laptop, Computer and Phones


  • High Compatibility: With a 3.5mm audio cable connector, Xbox One Headset also supports Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Computer, Laptop, Mac, iPad, Tablet, PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim and Phone intelligent
  • High Sound Quality – High precision 50mm driver and powerful sound drivers ensure vivid and clear sound in games. You can hear the footsteps, shots and explosions of the enemy, determine the position of the enemy and enjoy impressive pleasure.
  • Premium Microphone: The microphone can be freely placed to record your voice very well. You never have trouble communicating with your teammates, even if you speak very quietly. The easily accessible volume control and microphone mute function allow control even in the midst of full-screen gaming.
  • Noise Suppression – The closed headphone SADES headphone design covers the entire ear and cuts external sound very effectively. So you can focus on playing without being disturbed
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