Astro Gaming A40 TR + MixAmp Pro TR (2019)
Pros: excellent sound quality. The lightweight and durable design feels great. Many customization options with Astro Command.

Cons: expensive only for wired headphones. PS4 Slim users need an HDMI splitter.

Bottom line: The Astro Gaming A40 TR Headphones with MixAmp Pro TR are a high quality wired gaming headphone / amp combination for a very comfortable fit and great sound at a great price.

Astro Gaming A50 + (2019) Wireless Headset Base Station
Pros: Great sound quality. very comfortable. Slim and convenient charging stand.

Cons: Expensive. Package / Stand only works with PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. There is no wired option for mobile devices. The microphone is not the clearest price.

Bottom line: The latest Astro Gaming A50 wireless gaming headset looks and sounds great, but it’s an expensive option in an increasingly competitive area.

Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp
Pros: Excellent sound quality with powerful bass. Robust and luxurious construction. Bluetooth audio with SuperAmp.

Cons: less than excellent microphone. SuperAmp contains few controls. Unreliable application.

Bottom line: Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 is a great wired gaming headset, even if the SuperAmp accessory doesn’t add much to the overall package.

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Pro
Pros: comfortable and sturdy construction. Balanced sound Good microphone Wide options through the app.

Cons: Wireless only through the computer. The bass is not particularly strong. Waves Nx does not follow the movement.

Bottom line: The Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero Wireless Gaming Headset offers a comfortable fit, good sound quality and powerful computer emulation.

Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless
Pros: excellent sound quality. comfortable. Many contact options. Two batteries with a charging compartment in the transmitter.

Cons: Expensive. It doesn’t look as good as the similarly priced headphones.

Bottom line: SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless is a remarkable full-featured wireless headset, with a handy transmitter with controls and its own display, plus a wired and bluetooth connection for backup.

Sennheiser GSP 670
Pros: excellent sound quality. Solid, comfortable structure. Bluetooth technology.

Cons: Expensive. Light on accessories. Inappropriate disk size

Bottom line: The Sennheiser GSP 670 Wireless Gaming Headset feels comfortable, looks great, and features Bluetooth technology so you can use it with your phone.

Razer Nari Essential
Pros: powerful sound. Robust and comfortable design. 7.1 channel surround sound. Equalizer easy to use. Excellent microphone

Cons: Heavy on bass by default. 7.1 channel surround channels and EQ modifications are only available on a computer.

Bottom line: Razer Nari Essential is an inexpensive wireless gaming headset that will please PC gamers with its powerful audio performance.

The best gaming microphone.

When it comes to headphone microphones, we’ve always been impressed by the Razer microphones you put into the high-end Kraken and Nari headphones, along with Turtle Beach microphones and Astro Gaming’s main headphones. This can be quite expensive, but if the clarity of the sound is vital, it is worth it.

You can also consider Antlion Audio ModMic (pictured above). It’s a boom microphone that can be easily attached to your favorite pair of headphones, and can be removed when not in use thanks to the two-piece magnetic installation. You won’t get any of the gaming features of ModMic’s custom gaming headsets (and wireless abroad), but it does allow you to use your beloved old mailboxes for voice chat. Just make sure you have the right connection or adapter to use with your favorite gaming rig.

If you’re really serious about streaming or other gaming commentary, you may want to put the boom down entirely and get a dedicated USB microphone. Decent USB microphones can be found for around $ 50 to $ 150, and they provide clearer, richer and more natural sound than any built-in microphone you can get. However, it is more difficult to properly prepare for good sound; You should consider the position of the microphone and the places to which it relates.

If you prefer single-player gaming and live alone, you don’t need headphones. You can use the speakers and enjoy the atmosphere that fills the room, and scream with the cheap and modest mono headphones that come with Xbox One and PS4.

But the next time you’re on a kill, raid, or capture mission, be sure to yell into the good headphone microphone.

Gaming Headset Console Compatibility

Since compatibility with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One headsets are mutually exclusive, you can generally choose between different versions of similar models. Currently, more headsets on this list seem to support PS4 directly from Xbox One, but many advanced headsets come in PS4 or Xbox One versions. If the headphone is mainly marketed on the PC, it may work with a USB controller, but it may not be compatible with all functions. Of course, any 3.5mm wired headphone can work with any controller via the headphone jack on the console; It is a USB compatibility that can eliminate different versions. Check the product and package page to make sure the headset you want is compatible with the system you plan to use it with.

There are a few headsets and console differences you can consider, such as the Xbox One’s SteelSeries Arctis 9X, which provides powerful performance. Overall, though, you won’t find a single “better” speaker for the console; The best models usually have versions that work with either one.

The best Sorround Sound

Most advanced gaming headsets claim to offer some kind of surround sound, but this is not accurate. The vast majority of surround sound headphones still use stereo players (often a 40mm driver for each ear) to produce sound. The environment comes from Dolby and DTS processing technologies that adjust the way the headphones mix with your ears to make a 360-degree impression. It is an artificial effect that will not provide real surround sound even if the headphones have individual motors for each channel; Simply put, there is not enough room for the sound to create the impression of accurate directional sound. However, it can make things more immersive and improve your ability to track sounds from left to right.

Some expensive gaming headsets like JBL Quantum One provide fuller sound by incorporating head tracking into the mix. It still offers the same simulated surround sound as other headphones that support the feature, but it also changes and transforms the sound depending on how you move your head, making the surround effect more realistic.

Wired vs. Wireless Gaming Headsets

If you play on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, the latest Xbox One models, or most portable gaming devices, you can only plug a 3.5mm headphone jack into the console or system and start playing. Xbox One works in a similar way, but if you have an older Xbox One game console, you may need a Microsoft Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter to use wired headsets. Most of the headphones on this list can somehow connect to your favorite system.

If you want to use your own headphones with next-generation systems like PS3 and Xbox 360, you’ll need to know if the headphones support their own unique connections or if adapters are available. Computers are the most flexible with gaming headsets as they can work with USB headsets (which are generally only compatible with computers) and 3.5mm analog connections (although you may need a splitter adapter if your headsets end with a single plug ), Often visual sound.

Headphones can be wired or wireless, and wireless models generally cost more. Most importantly, each gaming headset supports different system, laptop, and computer connections. For PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, most mobile devices and some computers, you can use Bluetooth for wireless headphones (the original Xbox One lacks Bluetooth support). Other systems require a different wireless connection, often with a separate base connected to the console or computer. Bluetooth has come a long way in recent years, but private wireless connections generally offer better sound quality and a stronger signal. Private wireless communications are generally designed for a single console, or a console and a computer; You’ll need to choose between Xbox One and PS4 for most wireless gaming headsets.

The Best Favorite Gaming Headset

You need a good headphone (or gaming headset if you prefer) to play online. Without one, you don’t have a reliable way to talk to enemies in the trash, and the curses will freeze. You will not be able to coordinate strategies with your friendly team or guild. Surprisingly, they are very good tools for your home office. Your options range from basic wired headphones and boom-arm mics you can get for $ 20 at a drugstore (or included in the game console), to expensive emulator and surround sound, wireless e-sports-oriented headphones available on enthusiastic websites. You should get what suits your budget and needs. You don’t need a lot of money for solid headphones; Approximately $ 50 can help you get started if you don’t want access to advanced features and connectivity options.


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