I have tested many headphones from different manufacturers in the past three months in search of my best headphone. My previous headphones were the Astro A40tr that I got with the mixing amplifier. I love the mix, but the headset itself leaves the things you want. The microphone quality is average at best and does not contain a great audio stage for localized audio signals. After reading and viewing online reviews for Hyperx Cloud Stinger, I decided to give it a try. Frankly, I wasn’t expecting much based on its price, but the guy was wrong. Yes, it is mainly a plastic building speaker and I do not recommend it if you are harsh on your electronic devices. However, it has sound quality and comfort that is four times the headphone price. Yes, in my opinion, Stinger looks better than the Astro A40tr or Turtle Beach Elite Pro, I run it with Astro Mixamp TR and the 50mm drivers are incredibly good. It’s easy to spot the shots and other headphones you’ve used. The microphone quality is also better than the Astro or Turtle Beach models I mentioned. It also collapses to mute it, so it’s not rotated by an online control. When it comes to comfort, it is very lightweight and has artificial leather memory cushions that you can wear for hours. This headphone is a bargain at its current price and I can’t recommend it more.

8 Reasons Why HyperX cloud Stinger good?

1. Stability

HyperX Cloud Stinger is reasonably stable. However, it is not intended for sports or physical use. His fitness is not very tight and he can slip off his head if he exercises while using it. However, even for unofficial uses, the non-removable cable may find something or become tangled.

2. Comfort

HyperX Cloud Stinger are comfortable headphones. The headphones are wide enough for most users. The padding is comfortable too, though not as soft or luxurious as the other gaming headsets we’ve reviewed so far. It’s lightweight and not too tight on the head, which is good if you’ve been in a gaming session for hours.

3. Controls

HyperX Cloud Stinger has weak and limited controls. The slider under the right earcup is the only control and allows you to adjust the volume. However, it does not have separate dots to maintain a fixed size configuration. If you want to disable the microphone, you can move it vertically. If you’re looking for more intuitive controls on your gaming headsets, check out the Corsair HS35.

4. Style

It is the perfect headset for gamers looking for lightweight comfort, superior sound quality, and increased comfort. At just 275 grams, it is comfortable for the neck and the ear cups rotate 90 degrees for a better fit. Its 50mm directional motors place sound directly into the ear for gaming-grade sound quality and sound quality. For maximum comfort in extended gaming sessions, it features high-quality HyperX memory foam. Adjustable slider makes steel, easy headphone volume control, and noise-canceling microphone for mute easy to use, and multi-platform compatibility lets you enjoy the same comfort and a better audio experience on computers or controllers.

5. Audio Quality

The sound quality on board the Stinger is impressive due to its price. From the moment I started using the headphones, I was really amazed at the level of shock I received from the unit.
My test started with music from Spotify, and it immediately became apparent that the headset was very well balanced. This caliber headphone won’t match a pair of premium headphones, but Stinger wasn’t as far as you can imagine. The bass was never overwhelming, and while the clarity of the singing couldn’t exactly match the more expensive Cloud II, it provides an excellent listening experience. The headphones are also well-tuned for gaming and offer powerful performance, regardless of whether it’s a RPG or a first-person shooter. In two weeks of use, I enjoyed listening to some 20 hours of excellent Sixth Civilization soundtrack, as well as the many tense games of Gears Of War 4. Both are handled perfectly, with lots of detail and enough bass response, ripping the enemy apart in a thousand pieces. Sadistic pleasures. Please note this is a stereo headphone, therefore those who want the default surround sound should look elsewhere.
The microphone in Stinger is also a power zone, with a decent noise-canceling microphone. The audio recordings from the headphones produced a lot of volume and excellent separation of background sound, even in noisy environments.
While the recording has a slight nasal quality, it works quite well with Corsair Void RGB. Like analog headphones, it can capture a good amount of static background from the connected device. Those who use sound chips on the motherboard should take note.

6. Features

Cloud Stinger is a wired stereo headphone, in a jet black design with a large red HyperX logo on each headphone. The overall design works well, and from a distance it looks like a sophisticated piece of the set. Take a closer look at your Stinger and it is clear that this is a budget earphone. While Stinger is reasonably finished, most headphones are made of rough plastic. Feel the force at least relatively, not because I encourage you to repeatedly drop it to the ground. Like analog headphones, Stinger is universally compatible with anything that has a standard 3.5mm port. The first wire gauge terminates in a 3.5mm jack and can be connected to mobile devices and game consoles (older Xbox One consoles require an unavailable adapter). For use on a PC, the extension cable ends with two 3.5mm connectors: one for audio and one for the microphone. Unlike other HyperX headphones, the cables aren’t twisted, which means they’re a bit easier to tangle and look less exciting. The top of the headphones has HyperX text embossed on the headband, with a reasonable amount of padding on the bottom; It is covered in synthetic leather.
The headband is adjustable to fit any head size, with a good degree of fit available. When you move the handset down, you will find an excellent noise-canceling microphone. The ear muffs rotate 90 degrees and come in an adequate amount of faux fur lined foam. The volume slider is located on the underside of the right cup, allowing for easy volume adjustment. Stinger weighs 275 grams and feels surprisingly light. The gang never feels pressed against your head, while at the same time not slipping when you move on and off. A highly balanced headset that has proven comfortable to use for very long gaming sessions. The padding used in the earbuds provides a nice, smooth feel, and I didn’t have to constantly ventilate my ears from the excess heat.

7. Design

Cloud Stinger is a very simple headset, with a completely black plastic design that fits your budget price. It doesn’t feel cheap at all, but it doesn’t do much to grab your attention or it seems too tough or complicated to build. The leatherette ear cushions and headband padding are soft and comfortable, but not as thick as the earbuds of the Razer Kraken Pro V2 earphones, and don’t shine near the Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament earphones. The only color on the earpiece comes from the red HyperX emblems coated on the outside of each earmuff. The boom arm microphone and headphone cord are permanently connected to the left ear cup. The microphone rests on a flexible rubber arm lever that rotates 90 degrees downward in one direction, so you cannot change sides by turning the headphones. The headphone cord is four feet long and terminates in a 3.5mm 4-pole plug that works with all modern game consoles and mobile devices, along with most mobile devices and some laptops. HyperX includes a five foot extension cord that is divided into two 3.5mm three pole plugs, for use with computers and laptops with separate headphone and microphone inputs.

8. Performance

While it’s primarily a gaming headset, Cloud Stinger plays music pretty well. She handled our bass test track, “Silent Sleep” from the knife, without any indication of distortion, even at extreme sizes. However, she does not enter the world of bass. Both drum beat and bass tuning lack the powerful head shake sound reproduced by low-end headphones. There is some strength in the low and mid levels, but there is no noise like the subwoofer behind them. The acoustic guitar cleans up the opening sound, but they lack the stringy texture they get from the headphones with a more accurate, high-frequency response. Similarly, the electric slap sound gets a fair amount of low thunder sound, but nothing reaches the really low frequency depth. Logitech G231 Prodigy shows better response on board, with slightly stronger access to low and high frequencies.


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