If you’ve ever spent time on streaming channels, you know that all of the most popular streaming players use gaming chairs. These upgraded office chairs (let’s face it, this is what they are!) Are made with more padding and reinforcement for added comfort during long gaming sessions. There’s a problem: Most common gaming chairs are better suited to players with a smaller frame and may not be large enough for those with larger bodies. Small seat beds, short seat backs, and smaller load capacities are all problems big players face when trying to find a suitable chair.

In an effort to help the biggest players, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best gaming chairs for senior players in 2021.

Ficmax High Back Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Like clothing, finding a comfortable and stylish chair can be tricky. You want to make sure the seat fits your hips and the back supports your back and neck. The Ficmax gaming chair is groundbreaking when it comes to gaming chairs and has features that enhance your desk experience. This 50-53 inch swivel chair has a USB lumbar massager that effectively reduces back strain from sitting for long periods of time, in addition to if you are stuck at the computer most of the day. It also has a wide base to ensure maximum stability.

The Ficmax chair supports various seat angles; 90 degrees for office work, 150 degrees down for comfort. This gives you more control over how you decide to work, as some jobs are more comfortable than others. With a weight limit of 300 pounds, this is an extremely sturdy chair that is easy to set up and use instantly. Plus, the sleek polyurethane resists spills, stains, and dust. It is easy to clean and maintain.

JUMMICO Big and Tall Chair

Comfort is important when you spend long hours in front of the computer. The right computer chair can make a big difference, especially when it comes to spinal health. Also, if you have a larger frame, finding a chair that suits your needs can be particularly difficult. The JUMMICO computer chair is ergonomically designed to give you the most support while being exceptionally strong and stylish. This computer chair is perfect for those who spend a large part of their day sitting at a desk, whether for work or play.

JUMMICO features a wider backrest and lumbar cushion for support, helping you with your posture. It can support a weight of up to 300 pounds and the backrest reclines for maximum comfort while you work. The armrests are padded and curved, and help support your wrists while you rest. The wide metal base helps keep it from tipping over when bending over, making it sturdy, bulky and sturdy.

Vertagear Triigger 350 Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs don’t always have to look like they belong in an esports competition. Sometimes it’s nice to go back to basics with a simple black computer chair. Vertagear is an invitation to the classics, a subtle black office chair that aims to make sitting at your desk as comfortable as possible, while also giving you a variety of features to make this chair unique to you.

The first thing that users of this chair will notice is that it is very easy to assemble; No need to call for help, the chair can be fully assembled in 15 minutes. The sturdy frame can support up to 440 pounds, due to the metal throughout the chair. It is ideal for larger and taller people who have trouble sitting in commercial chairs or who are tired of other chairs bending and breaking. The tilt feature is easy to access and allows someone to adjust the angle of the chair without having to reposition it, which is a huge advantage mid-game.

AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair

A high-quality chair isn’t necessarily cheap, but the great thing about buying a gaming computer chair from AKRacing is that you pay for what you get. This particular model has a number of standard features such as tilt back and adjustable height, but it takes these features and improves them significantly. The back of the chair is much higher and can accommodate people over 6 feet with little compromise on comfort.

The chair is made of polyurethane, a plastic designed to look and feel like the inside of a race car. You’ll feel more productive in this seat thanks to the padded pads inside the chair and the added comfort of neck and lumbar pillows to help you sit up straight. The metal frame does not break easily and can support up to 400 pounds of weight. This chair is very durable.

Fortnite OMEGA-Xi Gaming Chair

A comfortable chair is ideal for any home office. Helps maintain posture and relieves pain when sitting for long periods of time. If you are one of those who spends all day in your office to work or play, a good chair is a great investment. The Fortnite OMEGA-XI Gaming Chair is an affordable mid-range chair that has a nice and attractive design.

It can be easily adjusted up or down using the lever located under the chair and as an added bonus this chair has a retractable footrest. The chair is very supportive and features lumbar and neck support for added comfort. The seat is not as stiff as other chairs on the market and is made of softer foam for maximum comfort. Although it doesn’t have many features, it does have the essentials, at a more than reasonable price. However, the best feature of this chair is the folding footrest. Once you have a chair with a footrest, you never want to go back.

GTracing Ergonomic Office Chair

If you spend much of your day at a desk with a sore back and sore shoulders, your chair is probably not doing what it is supposed to do. Finding an office chair that supports your back and helps with your posture will go a long way in ensuring that pain is minimized during long days at the office. The GTracing ergonomic computer chair is specially designed to support your back and guide you to a proper sitting position. Features a comfortable faux leather exterior and removable neck and neck cushions for maximum comfort.

This chair is relatively inexpensive and of very good quality. Swivels 360 degrees and up to 170 degrees when folded back, this chair supports a variety of seating positions. It is designed with a maximum weight of 330 pounds and is roomy in the seating area for a spacious living room. Some assembly is required upon receipt of this product, but the instructions are easy to follow and make it a very strong and durable product.

OFM Essentials High-Back Leather Gaming Chair

It is difficult to find an office chair if you are a bigger man; Many office chairs on the market are too small to sit on or do not provide enough support. Even if you find a chair that meets all your comfort needs, there aren’t enough pretty chairs on the market. Kinsal has redesigned a popular and proven chair to fit big and tall men more easily than its regular competitors. This chair features a 21-inch width and approximately 25-inch seat depth for comfort and convenience, rotates around 360 degrees for maximum movement.

The wide base and smooth sliding wheels add stability while sitting in the seat, and the easy-to-adjust height arm makes this chair very pleasant to sit on, unfortunately, weighing in at 275 pounds. While this is a respectable number, there are other chairs on the market that go beyond the Allowable Weight Limit for those that are slightly larger.

Homall Executive Leather Swivel Chair

Your home office needs a good, sturdy chair, whether you need it for work or play. A quality chair ensures that you can stay in front of the computer for longer, allowing you to get more work done during the day. The Homall swivel chair is listed as “leather”, but it is actually made from polyurethane, a material used to emulate leather.

This doesn’t compromise on quality at all, but if you’re expecting a leather computer chair, this isn’t it. Features of this chair include a sturdy base and silent casters, as well as back and neck pillows that can be completely adjusted or removed. This chair supports up to 300 pounds, standard on most chair models of this type. The color is nice and bold and creates an interesting contrast throughout the chair. The back is 22 inches wide and 30 inches tall, perfect for tall people. The seat is also 20 inches wide, so you should have enough room to move around even while sitting. Overall, it’s a good quality gaming chair for a low price.


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