DXRacer Racing Series OH / RV001 is a comfortable and practical chair that allows you to recline comfortably between long gaming sessions. However, its PU leather and vinyl cover doesn’t look as stretchy or thick as we’d like, its frame is reasonably padded, and it’s not padded with plenty of foam. It’s a good chair on its own, but compared to SecretLab Titan’s extra-dense and thick frame, our editors’ pick, it’s not impressive.

Seat Adjustment

You can adjust the height and angle of the chair at various points with many adjustment options. Like most office chairs, you can use the right paddle at the bottom to adjust the seat height, from 19.25 to 22 inches above the ground. The entire chair also tilts 14 degrees back and can be locked in place (with elevation) by turning the left paddle down on the pedestal. If leaning back is not enough for you, the lever behind the right armrest allows you to lean further back relative to the seat, tilting the chair 135 degrees. It’s not entirely flat, but it’s deep enough that you have an easier nap than watching TV or the screen. The PU rubber covered armrests are also adjustable and can be adjusted between 25.5 and 31.5 inches off the ground by pulling the lever on the outside of each arm. They can also slide back and forth about 2.5 inches, and can roll in and out 15 degrees in each direction (although the armrests will remain flat regardless of the deflection setting).


The Racing Series saddle is covered with a mix of synthetic leather, polyurethane (PU) and vinyl. The black and blue model we tested features blue PU leather on the sides and black PU leather on the back, with a vinyl texture that looks like a carbon fiber weave on the seat and words on the back. Faux leather and vinyl look somewhat durable and cool to the touch, but it’s not as flexible as the faux leather used in AKRacing’s Max or RapidX Carbon line saddles, or it looks dense and tough like leather. synthetic that SecretLab uses in the Titan chair.

DXRacer Racing Series OH / RV001 The upper base and arms of the saddle are made of steel, while the lower base is solid aluminum with colored plastic inlays on the upper part of the legs that match the blue color of the saddle . The 3-inch wheels are covered with PU rubber to protect the surface you are using the chair on. Faux leather and vinyl are sometimes covered with a separate foam padding. The seat of the seat is nice and firm, and the part that hits your back has decent support, but the rest of the chair clearly has a lot of gaps open under the material, with padding wrapped around its metal frame rather than filling. all endorsement. This is especially noticeable in the headrest, which gives a lot if you don’t want to use the removable pillow. It is still comfortable, but the lack of dense padding throughout the back raises questions about the longevity of the chair, especially when compared to the SecretLab Titan, which is almost completely filled with cold treatment foam padding with few noticeable gaps. .


Assembling a Racing Series chair is a simple process that combines functionally with all the other gaming chairs that we have tested so far. It comes disassembled in a large cardboard box, separated into the seat with pre-installed armrests, backrest, upper base, wheelbase, five wheels, pneumatic cylinder, and some plastic handles and details. It helps with an extra pair of hands, but after several tries I was able to put these chairs together on my own with a little wrestling. First, you need to unscrew the 4 screws on both sides of the back of the chair. Place the chair on the backrest against the metal brackets on the chair seat and secure with the included Allen wrench to secure them. Flip the chair over and attach the top base to the bottom of the seat. Press the five casters into their brackets on the caster base, then place the air cylinder in the center of the base with the attached plastic caps on top. Place the upper part of the cylinder on the upper base and place the chair in an upright position. Next, all you have to do is press two plastic paddles into the metal rails at the top base to give you adjustable levers, screwed plastic caps


The Racing Series saddle we tested is available in seven different colors: black, blue, green, orange, purple, red and white. Each version has an essentially black body, with your choice of color along the sides of the chair back and seat. DXRacer sets a maximum weight of 250 pounds and a recommended weight of 220 pounds for users of Racing OH / RV001 series seats. I’m at the higher end of that range, but I found the 17-inch wide seat (in the center, near the armrests) and the 18-inch deep seat comfortable and sturdy, although the raised edges of the seat were a bit comfortable for my thighs. For larger users, the DXRacer King, Sentinel and Tank series respectively have maximum weights of 300, 350 and 450 pounds, with suitably larger seat dimensions.


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