Matilda is one of the sickest heroes in the Mobile Legends patch this time around. Matilda has a unique role, that is, support or assassins. This female protagonist possesses abilities that can be very useful for the team. 2 The Guiding Wind skill can make Mathilda run in the desired direction and gain skills. When this ability is activated, companions can also follow Matilda’s directional script.

Who is the best character in Mobile legends?

Yi Sun Shin
Yi Sun Shin is one of the shooters’ heroes from the first generations of Mobile Legends. Champion familiarly referred to as YSS has recently become a top pick after its revamp. YSS is one of the heroes who have the ability to fight from a distance or up close. This ability is enhanced by the higher damage dealt from each hit. The most important thing is the Mountain Shocker skill, which will give the opponent a barrage of shots three times. This ability will also unlock enemy locations on the map, as well as take down enemies who die from a distance.

Who is the most weak hero in mobile legends?


Finally, there is Lunox, who is a superhero hero with a big bang. You can count on Lunox from the beginning to the last game. With the correct item, the damage Lunox deals to opponents will also increase. Unusually, Lunox has two different abilities at the end, the first ability being the brilliance of the system that allows Lunox to transform into light and immunity to all damage dealt. Then the second ability is Chaos Darkening, which allows Lunox to run in the desired direction and deal extremely lethal bursts of damage. Well, these are the 10 most powerful Mobile Legends heroes that you can use in these definitions. By using these heroes, you also increase your chances of winning the match.

Who is the strongest assassin in ML?

Hanzo is the best of all assassins, not only because he is the best of all heroes if you know how to use it.

Who is the strongest hero in ML 2021?

Claude has always been one of the strongest scorers in the game. He can steal the enemy’s attack speed and has the ability to teleport.

Who is the best marksman in ML 2021?

Aside from Matilda, one of the most powerful heroes who is often banned in the patch, the latest Mobile Legends is Brody. Naturally, because Brody is the new shooting champion who has a big enough damage. Although there was a much lower attack speed compared to the other heroes, the damage Brody dealt to the opponent was incalculable. The Corrosive Strike from Skill 2 will deal damage and stun the opponent. This ability makes it easier for Brody to chase down or avoid opponents. Then, added with the Memory Torn ability, it makes Brody fly through the air and is immune to the opponent’s attack, as well as dealing large enough damage to the opponent’s hero around him. It’s worth noting that Brody is the most powerful scorer in Mobile Legends today.

Who is the weakest mage in ML?

Although he rarely crashes, Lancelot is usually ready to be caught. Lancelot is indeed one of the most deadly and powerful assassins in Mobile Legends today. If you look closely, all of Lancelot’s abilities flash. So it’s very easy for Lancelot to take down the opponent’s pillar, then walk away before taking more damage than any other opponent. After regeneration, each time he rushes towards the opponent or the jungle monsters, Lancelot will get a stack that can be stacked up to 3 times. Each stack offers a damage gain of up to 10%, which means that Lancelot can deal an additional damage of up to 30%. After collecting a stack, using the 2 Thorned Rose ability towards the opponent will deal extremely fatal damage.

What is DPS killer in Mobile legends?

Heroes with high DPS (fps damage) are fighters and wizards, while assassins are good at shooting. Tanks and support heroes will not be able to defeat enemies by themselves, but they are necessary for good strategy.

Who is the strongest tank in mobile Legends 2021

The second strongest hero in Mobile Legends is Helper. Since its introduction, this tank hero has always been the choice of PC gamers. The skills you have are guaranteed to make your opponent tough. Skill 1 in Tyrant’s Vengeance has the CC effect, which allows a whisper to jump out and hit opponents with a knockout or throw effect. Not to mention, the second bouncing ball ability will make the dart bounce like a ball. When this ability is active, nearby enemy heroes will not be able to do so in either direction. There are still Final Tyrant Fury Skills or 3. This last skill will draw all opponents to the front. If the opponent hits a wall, he will also have a lightning effect.


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