If you’re like me, you’ve spent most of your computer gaming time using inexpensive office chairs from a local department store. When you go this route, it won’t take long before you realize that you are getting what you pay for. In my case, that meant a backache and a creaking in the chair as I moved. Upgrading to a gaming chair might be an expensive decision, but it doesn’t need to break the budget. Corsair recently unveiled the T3 Rush gaming chair, a gaming chair aimed at lasers offering big features at a price that isn’t prohibitive.

Is Corsair T3 worthwhile?

Yeah! I got this chair and it’s comfortable and very good for my back, and my back hurts if I don’t have proper back support. This chair provides excellent support for the lower back. So it’s definitely worth it.

Are Corsair Gaming Chairs good?


As a racing seat, the back of this chair is designed to provide support and rotate the upper body and shoulders. Something I realized recently is that I have big (broad) shoulders (or I’m a regular guy rather than the narrow-shouldered, narrow-shouldered type who loved fashion these days). What that means is that there is an evident frontal pressure at the top of the shoulders that some people may not like, especially if you are older than me. It also means that if you are to use it for a work chair where health and safety regulations regarding correct posture and posture play, you will deem it unsuitable for some people. It has armrests that adjust forward and in / out functional, but not the best part of the chair, although I’ll cover that in the section on build quality.
Build quality – overall, this looks like regular Corsair quality … with a few caveats I’ll point out that this is a new scenario for the company.
The armrests are cheap, sticky, and not padded at all, so much so that they’re not comfortable to support your arms. They reel like crazy, which adds to the feeling that they were trying to keep the cost down or that they just didn’t consider them important.

Which Corsair chair is the best?

The chair itself appears to be of high quality. It’s comfortable and I love the side struts. Reminds me of a sports car I used to own. For reference, I’m 5’10 and 160 wt. If you are over 200 years old, you should test before purchasing, if possible, to see how comfortable you are. It looks good and looks like it should last. My last chair died of chair cancer after about 4 years and the “skin” had peeled off completely. It started slow and then it looks like the entire chair decided to split at the same time. It doesn’t look like this will happen, but it will take years to see if this is true.

Does Corsair make gaming chairs?


Is the Corsair T1 good?

If you’re not a fan of the blue here, the Corsair offers T1 racing in white, red and yellow features as well, and there’s an all-black version too. The chair itself feels durable, solid without being uncomfortable but not soft either; Decent general support.

Corsair T3 Rush Gaming

More than anything else, a gaming chair should make it easy for you to enjoy the games you love. To that end, the T3 Rush is a success. The feature that worried me the most, the outer fabric, turned out to be the preferred quality for the entire chair. It’s more breathable compared to the PU leather that never warms up in one time or makes me sweat. It’s a cold winter here in western New York so the heat isn’t an issue anyway, but I still find the fabric the most fun to sit on for long gaming sessions. It needs to be cleaned up often, but I found it a worthwhile tradeoff.

Corsair T3 Rush Assembly

Assembling the T3 Rush is as simple as I’ve seen it for a gaming chair and it took about 25 minutes, from start to finish. The chair is very light and weighs under 50 lbs, so I didn’t have a hard time assembling it on my own. With a second pair of hands to help secure the seatback, you can easily move around in 15 minutes. Two discs include everything you need in the box, including an allen wrench / screwdriver. Since the armrests are pre-installed, you only need to prepare and position the base. Attaching it only includes 10 screws, four of which are pre-installed to the bottom of the chair to take out some guesses. A guide walks you through the steps, although if you build one of these chairs the whole process is very easy.

Corsair T3 Rush Features

The T3 Rush is Corsair’s third gaming chair, but it stands out most of the trio thanks to the textured finish. The Rush still, as the name suggests, has a standard racing car bucket seat style, but the lack of its PU leather trim really sets it apart from its predecessors and from most of the gaming chair market. I’ve got the Charcoal to try, but it’s also available in Gray / Charcoal and Gray / White. It might be gray all day long with Rush, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring. I generally prefer the gloss and color provided with the faux leather, but I actually liked it more than I expected. The charcoal canvas works very well and fits perfectly with the bucket seat design. Corsair also did a great job of accentuating it with clean black stitching and a carbon fiber finish on the armrests.
At first glance, the Rush appears to be the thinnest Corsair offering thanks to its surround design, but it actually falls between the T1 and T3 models in terms of seating space. The pillows on both sides of the back are deep and angled to hug you in the chair, but as a fairly young boy (5’8 “, 160lbs), I never felt cramped while sitting on them. I wouldn’t recommend Rush for someone else. Large because of the thin sponge used, But I can also see those pillows as uncomfortable if I am a larger person.


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