Is the Final Fantasy 7 remake worth it?

Worth playing, the new version is a complete game with its own story. The “unfinished” does not mean that it is not a complete game with a satisfying ending. It’s up to you. It took me 42 hours to win the game, which is a few kilometers if I decide to play the first half.

Is the Final Fantasy 7 remake the full game?

But FFVII Remake is not the complete story of the original game.

Is Final Fantasy 7 remake in parts?

We don’t know much about the elusive sequel to Final Fantasy 7 Remake, but we’ll probably learn more in June. Last year, Square Enix finally released Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which is not an actual remake of Final Fantasy 7 but the first of a multi-part “remake project.”

Is Final Fantasy 7 remake a good starting point?

The new version will probably still be a great place to start, but it will be very, very different from the previous games, so if you are a more contemporary gamer, you may find it difficult to get into the old games. Especially if the 7th edition plays as amazing as it sounds. … FF7 and FF10 (IMO) are the most important points in the series.

Why is FF7 remake only midgar?

The answer was quite simple. When it came time to finally make the long-awaited new release, there were two options: expanding into different areas in various games, or cutting things back to try and put everything into one title. They chose the first one though, so Midgar was the natural choice for the first chapter expansion.

Do you leave Midgar in FF7 remake?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake ends in Chapter 18, roughly 25-40 hours after the game starts, depending on the difficulty level you choose and what you do with your time. Just like Square Enix said it would end, the game ends just as the gang leaves Midgar.

Do I need to play Final Fantasy 6 before 7?

Almost all Final Fantasy games are standalone titles that you don’t need to play any of them to choose one. … Yes, it’s a great game for original and new FF7 fans

Does aerith die in FF7 remake?

Aerith Death: Arguably one of the most memorable moments in gaming history, Erith’s death is a spoiler everyone knows at this point, and Square knows it.

Can I play FF7 remake without playing the others?

Yes, probably, but with some major caveats. Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s characters and battles are its biggest draws, and many new players will enjoy both a bit. All the main cast members are likable, and each is given plenty of scenes to complement their characters and backgrounds.

Is FF7 remake open world?

With all that being said, nope, Final Fantasy VII Remake is not an open world game. The new version follows linear gameplay where most areas are blocked by plot events, portals, walls or “what are you doing?!

How many hours is FF7 remake?

Final Fantasy VII Remake lasts at least 25 hours on the first try, but chances are that most players will spend more time with the game than that, as mentioned in our Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4 review. On average, Final Fantasy VII Remake takes between 35-40 hours to complete.

Will FF7 Remake Part 2 be open world?

Some are speculating that Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 could contain a map of the outside world, but is that really a good thing? … Fortunately, the second part of FF7 Remake will likely start right after the group leaves Midgar, and it is very likely that the game will be more open as a result.

Is all of FF7 Remake in Midgar?

The first part of Final Fantasy VII Remake takes place entirely in Midgar. The developers chose to focus on Midgar because it represents the best representation of the Final Fantasy VII world and is said to have strong elements of color and variety.

How much of FF7 is midgar?

Compared to the original FF7, the game was linear at the time. I recently completed the game and it took me around 35 hours. And that’s just an average size and 15% of the full game according to Square Enix.

Is FF7 remake story different?

Aside from the main characters Aerith, Tifa, and Barret, Remake also gives you more time to meet Avalanche members Jessie, Wedge, and Biggs. All three get more screen time in the remake, as the first part of the game was completely reincarnated, and an entirely new story element was introduced in Chapter 4.

Should I play FF7 or wait for remake?

FF7 Now, play the original. A vastly different game remake. You will not play the same old game with better graphics. …definitely play it now, or if you want to, wait until a month or two before releasing the new version.


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