Active noise-canceling headphones are also great for travel, letting you eliminate the noise of the bus engine or the chatter in your train carriage with the touch of a button and also great for working as Call Center. The latest models have ambient awareness and transfer features, so with the flick of a switch or touch of an earpiece, you can quickly re-enter the outside world and hear that all-important train announcement or be aware of traffic when you’re on the go. cycling through congestion.

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I work from home doing customer service and use this headset about 8 hours a day. A comfortable headset is extremely important to me. I was so excited to try this Callez headset when I got it. This is an absolutely fantastic headset, much more comfortable than my previous headsets. I bought other headphones and they were too tight on my big head and hurt my ears. This one is lightweight and the headband is fully adjustable to fit my head well and I can wear it all day.

Why Buy This:

  • Noise Cancelling Communication
  • Comfortable Wearing – Earmuffs support 360° rotation. Headband can be sretched and put away
  • Makes it suitable for head of different sizes to give you comfortable wearing
  • No fatigue or pain even after long time wearing
  • Mute Function – A mute button in the in-line button allows you to power on/ off the microphone to make it more convenient to use
  • Universal Compatibility – can be plugged into computer, telephone, desktop box and other devices to achieve clear, stable and smooth communication with no stuck or conflict

Simply amazingly excellent and exceptional headphone

The quality control of this product in general is excellent! The sound quality is amazing! I like the design of it. People hear me so clearly. The mic cancellation is super awesome! Shipping was fast and amazing! I recommend this product 110x%! – to anyone looking for absolutely beautiful and quality wired headphones! This is what I wear every day to work and I am in love with it! So many thanks to the manufacturer who created this valuable product! He is the best of the best! No kidding here! Best wired headphone product for me so far!



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