To have a very good gaming laptop in the Philippines is an advantage. Imagine you are in the middle of the game and you’re laptop suddenly shuts down what would you feel? Here is our best gaming laptop under 50K in the Philippines.

1. Acer Nitro 5

Why Buy This:
I like this laptop because it is low priced with very high-end hardware and also has a stylish look, I can play games at 100+ fps constantly and it allows the master to take care of my daily work/needs, this product meets my needs go beyond what I wanted to do and more From that, I would recommend purchasing this if you are looking for a low priced but high capacity laptop.

2. Asus Tuf Dash 15

Why Buy This:
It is very easy to set up even if you are not familiar with the computer. I’ve had better performance/longer life with Asus computers in my whole life than other brands, so I don’t doubt their performance. I record music and this can definitely handle most of what I need. I’m planning to only upgrade the RAM for better connectivity performance.
Overall, I would recommend this seller as well, the item came 2 days ago and was perfectly packed. I will definitely buy from you again.

3. HP Victus 16

Why Buy This:
This laptop will get it done. You’ll be playing at 60 fps right out of the box. When connected to a monitor, it will get higher frames at medium to high settings. I can get 100fps on Forza Horizon 5 and 120fps on Destiny 2. Upgrade the RAM when you can to 8GB but 16GB makes it smoother. Also, upgrade storage to add more. Overall an excellent gaming laptop for the price. No complaints.

4. Lenovo Gaming 3

Why Buy This:
Both the CPU and GPU are decent enough to handle my data science coursework. I haven’t played on this laptop because it’s specifically for schoolwork, but 1650 is decent enough to get some decent frame rates if you want to lower the settings to medium or low (if you’re playing an AAA game). There is one suggestion I would like to add about RAM. If you’re buying this for college or want to play some games on it, buy at least an extra 8GB of RAM (3200MHz), at just $35. The laptop comes with only one 8GB of RAM, but you have an empty slot next to it. Some games come out with at least 16GB of RAM to run, so you might as well upgrade them. Some proctors required for college exams also require your RAM usage not to be higher than a certain percentage which is why I upgraded.

5. Gigabyte G5

Why Buy This:
The performance of the laptop is simply amazing. I can max every graphic setting and get over 60 fps at 1080p. It needs some adjustments to the settings at a higher resolution. Ray tracing and DLSS are real game-changers. The only bad thing I found was the battery life, and the fact that disconnecting from the wall socket immediately reduces performance, but I can live with that.

6. MSI GF63

Why Buy This:
The design looks professional so I don’t look like a kid when I take out my laptop in meetings. Nobody rents someone with a laptop game, no matter how wild. The GPU is good for its physical size. This laptop is thin but still can run most games at a high level at 60 frames per second. I don’t know much about CPUs, but I think the less you think about your CPU, the better. Everything is running flawlessly. Having said that, this thing gets hot but I don’t mind.

7. MSI Modern 14

Why Buy This:
It looks good and has a great build quality with a metallic casing (almost) the entire laptop in a slim fit.
Light for a 14″ laptop and ultra-light.
A large, virtually bezel-less screen, which is bright and has great picture quality with vibrant colors.
Very comfortable backlit keyboard with a good design.
Good battery life (6-7 hours light use, medium brightness).
Very good value (specs/screen/battery/build quality) for the price!


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