Finding and eventually buying new earphones is not a very simple task. Here in the Philippines, there are tons of stores selling earphones but most of them are knock-offs. Online stores like Lazada and Shopee might a Go-to for others because it’s easy to get access to and provide a wide variety of earphones and accessories. Here are the best earphones in the Philippines.

1. Sony MDREX15AP

Why Buy This:

The sound quality. Many other headphones for the same price sound extremely low and hollow, but these are the best I have found for the price.

  • Comes with multiple ear tips for smaller or larger ears.
  • Decent noise cancellation. These headphones cancel a fair amount of noise. If you wear them without touching anything, you will still be able to hear someone speaking to you or calling your name.
  • Lasts a long time with good care. Try not to put them in your pocket, especially your back pocket. Wrap them around your fingers and then put them in a small container, like a can of Altoids. So I think this is best earphones in the Philippines.

2. TOZO T6

Why Buy This:
Connection is quick and easy, charges while in the case, which is a great feature, but better than all these features, I love the ability to use them in the shower and play songs while soaking and surviving like a champ. Truly high-end headphones at an unbelievably good price. I would recommend these to anyone looking for Bluetooth headphones similar to those made by Apple, but at a much lower price and with BETTER bass response too! The touch controls on the side are fantastically good if you want to pause music or YouTube at work when someone asks you a question so you can listen to them without removing your headphones. They are incredibly good at isolating and even at the lowest volume they can isolate you from the world around you. I use them everywhere and love them so much.

3. Beats Studio Buds

Why Buy This:

  • Very comfortable fit and design (stays in place during workouts/runs and doesn’t build up pressure)
  • decent ANC, maybe a level below Airpods Pro, but still makes a difference
  • IPX4 water resistance rating (tested with sweat and a bit of rain and no issues for me)
  • 8-hour battery with ANC on and 5 hours with ANC off + 2 charges in case
  • The dynamic, booming, bass-heavy sound that’s perfect for intense gym workouts or rap/EDM/hip hop
  • The volume gets very loud (maybe 1-2 ticks louder than Airpods Pro/Galaxy Buds Pro)

4. Apple AirPods Pro

Why Buy This:

  • seamless integration on my iPhone and Mac platforms
  • intuitive design and interface, typical of Apple
  • the buds, once fitted with the appropriate original tips, felt very light on the ear
  • took very little to place them in the ear canal for “the best sound delivery and ANC”
  • overall quite comfortable “except” for my constant adjustment trying to “seal better for the bass”
  • sonically, they are evenly tuned across most of the frequency range and surprisingly highly detailed
  • They have a fantastic focus on sibilants and very good instrument/note separation/articulation
  • the charging case is small, stylish, apparently quite sturdy, and super convenient
  • loading into the case was very easy; just like the T-Bolt box loading when needed
  • Cross-platform, multi-device connectivity is instant and seamless, SO intuitive
5. MIFA True Wireless

Why Buy This:
These are amazing, and they have Qi charging. Very impressed. The magnetic closure of the container is very secure and elegant. In my opinion, the best feature is the power indicator on the front. I was sick of having to check my phone to see the battery level of my AirPods. It shows you the battery level of the case and each of the earbuds. They have a physical button on each side, but it’s easy to get used to. I definitely recommend it!

The sound quality is really impressive and they fit comfortably in my ears. I’ve listened to them for hours every day and the battery life is strong with hardly any drain! I don’t think I’ve made it below 90% yet!
My favorite part is the charging case – once you put the pods back in the case, they charge. And as soon as you open them and pull out a pod to use, they automatically connect with your device. Simply very easy to use, durable and impressive.

6. FiiO FH9

Why Buy This:
The only area where the SE846 beats the FH9 is related to comfort, IMHO. The FH9 is bulky and was too big for my average-sized ears. A couple of long sessions were exhausting. Other than that, the FH9 is simply better in every other way compared to the SE846. Very well balanced tuning, build quality, and accessories. The comfort is comfortable, but not the best. You can wear them for hours, but sleeping in them kinda sucks, but obviously, these aren’t for sleeping. Notes that are in your ears, unlike other comfort-fit headphones like the AUNE Jasper or Sennheiser IE 300

7. Beats Flex

Why Buy This:

  • Quick charging
  • Battery capacity and battery life
  • Easy pairing and Auto play/pause
  • Good for phone calls and podcasts

The audio quality isn’t up to par for the headphone category, but it’s certainly not shoddy. These headphones are considerably lighter and more comfortable than the BeatsX. The sound has less bass than the BeatX, but I don’t get tired of the sound when using or using them. I also use them for Zoom calls at work and they are great.

8. AMZANE Wireless

Why Buy This:
The sound of the music is incredible. Treble, bass, and balance are good. Third, they are very light. Some people might say that it is too light, so it would be easy to lose it. Well, what if you weigh 2~3lbs? Would you like to keep them in your ears while listening to music or making phone calls? However, when you pair up, you have paid little attention. Your phone can find two earphones separately. You have to press the middle parts of the earphones at the same time, then your phone will find them as a whole. This was an easy fix for me. In a nutshell, I definitely recommend these headphones.

9. Sephia SP3060

Why Buy This:
The cables are almost twice as heavy as other brands. The sound quality is crystal clear and the headphone options beat all others. I love the foam earbuds that come with these as they are very comfortable in the ears and make a solid seal. I can see the price of these going up as they become more popular. These sound amazingly good, especially for the price. They feel like a very expensive pair of headphones, my friends were shocked when I told them how cheap they were. The only thing missing is a volume/mic control, which most headsets have these days. I have a bad habit of touching my headphones and they haven’t come apart at all, they are very well made.

10. TAGRY Bluetooth Earbuds

Why Buy This:
I’ve tried a couple of wireless earbuds before, but none of them have really convinced me that they’re superior to wired ones. They are often difficult to connect with or have all sorts of problems. However, when trying these out, I can safely say that I can now see the advantage of them over regular headphones. These are very easy to connect and maintain your connection consistently. The sound quality is excellent, with surprisingly powerful bass and premium sound. These are some of the best headphones I’ve ever owned. The battery is good and they are very comfortable for prolonged use. Overall I would definitely recommend these as they are easily worth the price you pay for them.

So here you go folks those are the best earphones in the Philippines so far in 2022. As you can see the price of those earbuds is way too high considering the brands but I can assure you that they’ll last a long time. It’s worth the price.


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