Choosing a very good laptop is really a wise choice not only for the money but for your time and effort. Nowadays laptop is somewhat a necessity for people has day jobs but also for students in this time of the pandemic. Therefore here is the best budget laptop in 2022 Philippines.

1. ASUS Laptop L210: best laptop under 20k Philippines 2022

Why Buy This:

Incredible price to performance ratio
Very well built, with no cheap parts
Comfortable full-size keyboard
Small and lightweight
Good design (add stickers if it’s too simple for you)
Windows 10 license is full, no hard bloatware
Internal NVMe Slot and External SD Card Slot

2. Acer Aspire 5: best laptop under 40k Philippines 2022

Why Buy This:
The picture on this screen is just beautiful. Everything is very clear. I like that the keyboard has a backlight so I can see the keys if I need to look at them while typing, but the backlights go away after a few seconds, so if you’re watching a movie, the backlit keyboard won’t bother you. This computer is lightweight and easy to carry. I love the elegant design of it too. This would be a great computer for anyone who just needs a basic computer for the internet or spreadsheets. I will feel comfortable taking this computer with me to college or sending it to college with my kids.

3. HP 14 Laptop: Best laptop under 20k Philippines 2022

Why Buy This:
Go for a great entry-level laptop experience for surfing the web, writing emails, and creating documents and spreadsheets. Stream HD entertainment anywhere as the laptop’s slim and lightweight design lets you display more and carry less. See more entertainment on a 14-inch, 6.5mm micro-edge bezel display with 1 million pixels of high-resolution detail powered by AMD Radeon Graphics technology.

Power through even your busiest days with the AMD 3020e processor. Save more of your photos, videos, and documents with 4GB of DDR4-2400 SDRAM and 64GB of eMMC storage. With up to 10 hours and 30 minutes of battery life plus HP Fast Charge technology, you’ll stay connected throughout your workday and into the evening broadcast.

4. Lenovo IdeaPad 3: Best laptop under 35k Philippines 2022

Why Buy This:
Physically lightweight and very quiet (fans rarely start, and when they do, they are almost silent). It has a plastic body, but they make up for it with a very attractive dark blue color, reminiscent of old Silicon Graphics workstations and other ’90s hardware I used as a kid.

The keys are dark graphite with a white backlight. The USB C port is the only downside I can see here (data only – no charging through this port)…although it does have a card reader and fingerprint reader for the power button. The charger included with it is as slim as the charger you find with a cell phone.

It comes with 4GB of RAM soldered to the board as well as 4GB of swappable (DDR4 3200MHz) which you can change to get 8GB for a total of 12GB of RAM. In terms of software, it comes with Windows 11 Home, which has a weird downside of requiring a Microsoft account to sign in and lacks the ability to join a domain and other more advanced networking features. Minimal bloatware from Lenovo (all of them can be uninstalled, although you’ll probably want to keep the Lenovo hotkey management utility package).

5. Acer Swift X

Why Buy This:

This is a very powerful laptop that does not have the drawbacks of many gaming laptops. It looks natural, has a 90W charging brick, is really portable, and it’s nice and lightweight. The main distinguishing factors are:

  • Really great screen (100% SRGB 1080p 60Hz max 300 nits with good brightness meter)
  • Good build quality overall, with the lid being a bit wobbly
  • Top-notch performance for an ultra-thin 14″ (see details below if you’re interested)
    Really small size
  • The heat is good, especially for what it is, although the fan gets louder under heavy loads.

6. Dell Inspiron 15: best laptop under 40k Philippines 2022

Why Buy This:
This had the HDMI, ethernet, and USB ports I needed, which were more difficult to find than I expected. Also, the 12GB RAM beats most of those in this price range. Aside from having certain keys in less convenient positions, I haven’t had any complaints until today when I realized that the insert key works in that it presses, but doesn’t change the insert mode. It is always in overtype mode. Most users probably use this feature so rarely that they thought no one would notice it. However, it will make what I’m working on much easier. I also have to hold the Fn key to enable the home and end keys to work, which is annoying but at least it works.

7. Asus VivoBook 15

Why Buy This:
Core i3 1005G1, 128GB NVME SSD, 8GB RAM. It feels very responsive. The fingerprint login is very fast which is one of the reasons I got it over the cheaper Acer. I got this for my wife as she only needs the basic specs but didn’t want to settle for anything less than a 10th Gen Intel Core or 4000 Series AMD Ryzen. I really wouldn’t change a thing about the price except that it should have had 250GB to 500GB storage. The OEM only pays $20 for a Hynix SSD, and they could have invested the extra $10 for a larger SSD. My laptop has 32GB of RAM but the 8GB in this laptop doesn’t feel slow at all. No bloatware from Asus at all.

8. Acer Chromebook Spin

Why Buy This:
The installed screen although bright enough for my use, is quite sharp at a typical viewing distance with good viewing angles. The touch screen is a bit unstable in my experience, but it could be a user issue as some touch screens don’t like to respond well to my fingers. The performance in normal use is quite good, but do not expect to play a lot of games because it does not have the ability to run the most intense Android games smoothly. WiFi is very fast and the signal is excellent. The ports provided are great, and I love that they charge from any USB-C port. The keyboard looks very good and the trackpad is about what you’d expect on a device like this.

9. CHUWI HeroBook Pro: best laptop under 20k philippines

Why Buy This:
An impressive 1080p display, compact form factor, and solid metal construction make this a great laptop. The Pro Book doesn’t have a lot of horsepowers which is actually the reason I searched for it. I was looking for low-power Intel Thin’n’light bulbs that had powered CPUs and not a giant charging brick for a small travel bag, without losing screen resolution. The price tag makes the Chuwi lineup attractive, and I feel the high-quality metal construction made it a good value.

10. Lenovo Thinkpad T420: best laptop under 20k philippines

Why Buy This:
It has a thin adhesive “skin” on the top surface of the keyboard area of the case. It gives the case a classic Lenovo embossed texture and I imagine it covers up any imperfections from previous use. This skin is located on the upper surface, although it is not noticeable to the eye, the skin is very noticeable to the touch. This leather will not last long because the edges are already lifting. On the first T420, right angle again, top surface, the skin doesn’t stick so it’s already raised, so it won’t be long before it starts to peel off.

The price range of the best budget laptop 2022 in the Philippines is extremely fair. Laptops today are so much expensive that would cost you a fortune. In the Philippines, where you can get a very low average monthly salary compared to other countries, laptops that are so fancy are very hard to reach.


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