When you are into gaming, having a very nice headset is a game-changer. Headsets that are close to real sound experience are a must for a gamer. So, here is our best gaming headset in the Philippines 2022.

1. Hyperx cloud 2

Why Buy This:

It is very comfortable: it fits snugly, but not too tight. If you wear glasses, you’ll barely notice the temples being cut, if at all. The leather pads are soft and conform around your ears well, including isolating you from any surrounding sounds in your home. There is also an extra set of foam to replace pads. You can install these if you want something softer.
I have a slightly larger head. I wear a 7-1/4 size cap, and with a baseball cap, I’m usually in the last one or two holes for adjustment. Phones will not fall off when you tilt your head back or forward. In general, it (feels) very light on your head, and after three or four hours of playing your ears are not all sweaty and hot anymore. They breathe well, so moisture does not collect. I live in Hawaii, so I’d better test it out.

How much is Hyperx cloud 2 price Philippines

You can always check the price and the availability of Hyperx cloud 2 in Lazada.

2. Hyperx cloud stinger

Why Buy This:

It’s super comfortable, has great sound, is a great price, seems to work great with your Xbox One, and is made with quality! I don’t think you find a better headphone in this price range than this one, and many say this one is better than the expensive ones from what I’ve read.
I might end up getting another Hyperx Cloud headset with a volume mixer and a mute button because I’m not sure I would get used to moving the mic up and down to mute it as you do with the Stinger (I used the mute button by the controller which makes muting quick and simple ) and I’d like to control the audio settings without going into the Xbox’s audio settings or hoping that the Xbox will make a simpler option for this and mute the sound. (You don’t need the adapter with this headset for Xbox one if you have a 3.5mm jack console)

How much is Hyperx cloud stinger price in the Philippines

You can always check out the price of Hyperx cloud stinger on Lazada and Shopee.

3. Steelseries Arctis 3

Why Buy This:

The wireless connection works seamlessly with the included dongle, and I’ve had no issues with dropouts or latency on both the PS4 and Nintendo Switch. I originally bought this headset for PS4, imagining that the wireless headset is not fully compatible with the Nintendo Switch, but the headset actually works effortlessly, and all the buttons on the headset (Mic Mute On/Off, Volume Dial) work on both systems.

The microphone quality is excellent as well as the sound quality, it’s perfectly balanced and doesn’t skew ridiculously towards the bass, and the volume can be turned up very high on both devices if you like.

Battery life has been great so far, something I didn’t have to worry about when using it, and I only had to charge them once a week out of habit. The headset itself doesn’t feel flimsy and seems decently made, it’s very light and surprisingly comfortable to wear so I use it a lot as well when I’m using my laptop.

What is Steelseries Arctis 3 price in the Philippines

You can check the Steelseries Arctic 3 price here.

4. Hyperx Cloud Alpha

Why Buy This:
This headset packs a lot of good, especially at this price point – good-sounding headphones, detachable cables and mics, durable build quality, and super comfortable even with my very big head. However, I was disappointed when it came to using the PS4 even though it looks good on PC. When I plugged it into my PS4 controller, I was treated to a set of headphones that were very quiet. After doing some research, I found out that this headphone has an impedance rating of 65 ohms, and the PS4 controller doesn’t have enough power to power the thing.

What is the Hyperx Cloud Alpha price Philippines

If you are really interested in buying it you can always check out the price here.

5. Razer BlackShark

Why Buy This:

When you pick up the headset, the first thing you notice is how light it is. It looks fairly sturdy, but it’s also clear that this isn’t a headphone that prioritizes premium materials. It is also very comfortable due to its light. While I haven’t had problems with heavy headphones and neck pain, if that’s a consideration, the light stuff should be great for long-term sessions.
Faux leather linings on the inner ring and outer ring. The part that falls on your head feels like something more breathable. I don’t think I would have any problems wearing it for long sessions. The clamping force is a good moderate level where you won’t fall accidentally, but I don’t feel like I’m in a death grip.

6. Razer Kraken

Why Buy This:

Amazing sound quality. It has great noise-canceling qualities. It also has the ability to turn off the microphone if you don’t want to turn it on. Remember that a red light means it is off. The lighting is of high quality and you can choose the lighting patterns displayed on it. The headset comes with “Surround Sound” which means the sound can be made to sound more realistic.
The microphone is retractable so you can take it out of your way if you’re not using it. The parts that rest on your ears are comfortable and will not cause any discomfort after long periods of use. I would highly recommend these headphones.

7. Logitech G PRO X

Why Buy This:

IMO sound quality sounds great. I think these are on par with HyperX’s sound quality. I have noticed but the 7.1 surround feature is not my favorite. I’m currently using 5.1 and have adjusted the equalizer to my liking. Do you want more bass? Lift the bass up. triple? Blow it up.
Lots of customization is what sets this apart from other headphones. Yes, you can purchase or use aftermarket equalizer software to tune other headphones. I’m not an audio fanatic, but I like the quality and feel Logitech has delivered with this headset. I also like the original ear pads, there is excellent noise cancellation which gives better quality sound and keeps the bass locked in in the ear cuffs. I haven’t had any issues with positional games with headphones.

8. Razer Nari Essential

Why Buy This:
The pads rest well on my hearing without touching my ears. It also blocks out a lot of ambient noise. I had an over-ear headphone that did a good job but the comfort was out of place compared to this group. The microphone is much better than I expected. People on my conference calls mentioned that my voice is very clear. The battery lasts longer than I expected. I can go three days without charging. Overall, the Razer Nari Essential is a great headset.

9. Razer Nari Ultimate

Why Buy This:
This headset truly immerses you in the online world, and you will feel rushed. It’s almost cheating to have that extrasensory ability in some games. Don’t just feel the explosions, intense impacts, and steps around you. You can actually get their locations with an intricately built headphone feedback system. Razer has gone above and beyond with this headset and it is at a very good price.

10. Turtle Beach Stealth

Why Buy This:

The sound is clear, adjustable, and ambient and the headphone is comfortable. You can tweak it in your Xbox settings and tell it you have to turn on ambient sound and everything changes. amazing thing. The sound is very clear and the volume is great! One problem I had with the other groups was that the sound was too low.
This has not had this problem at all. It has volume adjustments for both game and group chat right on the side of the headset. Excellent because honestly, I don’t like having to go into the Xbox audio settings to adjust that. The earphones are very comfortable and lightweight. I wear glasses and most of the headphones push my glasses against my head which is a bit uncomfortable. This headset does not put pressure on my glasses at all and is very comfortable.

11. Razer Barracuda X

Why Buy This:

Playing Overwatch is more immersive and I found myself hearing aspects of the game that I hadn’t heard of before. Listening to music is also a more enjoyable experience with super-rich bass. It won’t satisfy audiophiles but if this headset gets one thing right – it’s the sound quality.
This headset won’t win any awards for comfort, but it’s definitely not bad. It’s definitely a little tight around my head and I don’t have a big head, but I think after some use the fit will break a little more.

What is the best brand of Earphones in Philippines

When it comes to earphone brands in the Philippines I think the winner is Razer. Because Razer engineered their headphones in tropical countries which is where the Philippines is located. Also, one big factor is the price and durability of the product which is supplemented by some good reviews online mostly on some very big e-commerce sites.


Gaming headsets are somewhat expensive but worth the money. Gamers in the Philippines are willing to spend an astronomical amount of money just to satisfy their appetite for gaming setups that’s according to surveys online.


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