When choosing a suitable webcam for you then you have to consider the compatibility, the technology, and most of all if it is climate-friendly. You might ask what is climate-friendly? well, it simply means that the unit uses sustainable materials to keep our environment free from hazardous materials. Here is the best budget webcam in the Philippines.

1. Logitech C920

Why Buy This:

1080p HD video calls (up to 1920 x 1080 pixels) with the latest version of Skype for Windows; Webcam with a 5-foot cable. The 720p HD video calls (up to 1280 x 720 pixels) with supported clients; HD video recording (up to 1920 x 1080 pixels). Max Resolution: 1080p / 30fps 720p / 30fps.

Video compression, built-in dual stereo microphones with automatic noise reduction; Auto Low Light Correction, Universal Clip-Ready Tripod Fits Laptops, LCD Monitors, or Monitors.

Compatible with: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or later; Works in USB Video Device Class (UVC) mode: Mac OS 10.10 or later (HD 720p on FaceTime for Mac or other supported video call clients; Full HD 1080p video recording using QuickTime Player) Chrome OS, Android v 5.0 or higher. This is why C920 is the best budget webcam Philippines.

2. Logitech C270

Why Buy This:
If you take online classes like I do when you order an external webcam for surveillance, I highly recommend this device. It is the best quality product in its price range. Most monitoring software requires you to hold an ID in front of the webcam to take a picture, and this webcam allows you to be able to do so while maintaining a clear picture.

3. NexiGo N960E

Why Buy This:
The Nexigo webcam has a built-in ring-light which makes it more practical than buying each one separately. I’ve been using it on Zoom calls for work. Good video and audio quality. It was easy to connect the webcam to my HP laptop via USB. I also had the option to use USB-C since the Nexigo includes an adapter in the box! The ring light has three brightness options. I wasn’t clear at first on how to turn the lights on and off, but once I sent a message to Nexigo customer service, they quickly got back to me. It is actually very easy! The lamp icon is touch-sensitive.

4. Logitech C920e

Why Buy This:

Requires a tool from Logitech called “LogiTune” to enable it (one-time process). You can download LogiTune for Mac, but it doesn’t have the feature in it to enable your microphone. I contacted support and they said they are working on this feature for LogiTune, but for now, the only way you can enable the microphone is with a Windows PC.
I didn’t have access to a Windows PC, but I was able to enable the microphone using a virtual machine on my Mac (Windows 10 runs in VirtualBox). Once the microphone was enabled once on Windows, it has been working fine on Mac ever since.

5. Logitech BRIO

Why Buy This:

The new updated Brio fixes the problems you read about on the old Brio. It now comes with a privacy shield like the C920S and has a physical up and down adjustment as well (once it’s installed on your computer screen, you can point the camera up and down without changing the mounting position).
The old version of Brio didn’t have either. If you want your skin tone to look natural and not wash out and overexpose it, this new Brio is the way to go. If you want to save big and wash over overexposed skin tone, order the C920S. By the way, I use this camera for job interviews, so I needed to look my best.

6. Razer Kiyo

Why Buy This:

  • The quality of the camera is very good. It was a step above the default laptop camera
  • Increased warm white balance (adjusting improved it, but irreparably washed out the color with the saturation slider)
  • The ring light goes off randomly via OBS causing AF issues – AF is also unresponsive – The best result came from manual tuning
  • There is a gradual delay that occurs during OBS broadcasts. In the end, there is a very noticeable difference between when you move and the camera that records and displays that movement
7. Logitech C930e

Why Buy This:
This webcam is better than the webcam built into your laptop. Before I bought this webcam, I did thorough research on the video quality of this webcam and found it to be the webcam of choice for many video bloggers and gamers. It is fully clear and wide-angle. Its viewing angle is much wider than that of a laptop’s built-in webcam and the video quality is superior to that of a laptop’s built-in webcam. Well, just to be clear, it’s a decent laptop. It is Lenovo Legion Y520.


Why Buy This:
The camera works fine I was able to test it on Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Which worked great on it. Autofocus also works well. I just wish it was a little better with the flowing light. As long as you have good lighting you will be fine! 4K resolution is sharper than the original camera and has additional features. I think it would serve my purposes better if I were using it in meetings rather than as a teaching platform.

9. Logitech C505

Why Buy This:
This was plug-and-play on both my laptops and desktops, and it’s easy to switch between them. I keep it mounted above my large screen, so I can look in that direction during video calls instead of heading toward my laptop’s small screen. I haven’t had any trouble using this with Zoom as well as other video conferencing services. It had a tendency to move a bit when I just put it on top of my screen, but now it’s on a ring light above the screen and it’s very stable.

10. Poly Studio P5

Why Buy This:
The Poly Studio P5 Professional webcam’s image quality is crisp and a big difference from a PC’s built-in webcam (which is a bit grainy). It’s easy to set up, as shown in my review video. Also, I like that the camera itself has a cover for people who value their privacy when they’re not in a Zoom meeting or on a Skype date.


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