If you have a mechanical keyboard in your arsenal then you are good to go. Choosing a good one is I think the hard part. When buying you have to consider the quality, durability, fully syncs with popular games, fully programmable, and of course oil resistant. Here is the best budget mechanical keyboard Philippines.

1. HyperX Alloy Core RGB

Why Buy This:

  • Solid Construction – Won’t move on your desk, and will only flex if you apply an abnormal amount of force in the center
  • Acceptable keycaps – easy to read, no ‘player’ font
  • LED lighting – bright and can be customized for the five zones
  • Warranty – The real deal-breaker for me is with some of the unnamed Chinese brands on Amazon.
  • Two-year warranty by a company with a customer service department you can contact
  • Touch – I will compare the touch of a membrane keyboard to Cherry Brown switches. It’s better than the fake Cherry brown switches I got from my nameless Chinese keyboards.
  • Quiet – This keyboard is very quiet. No keycap twitching noise, no keycap twitching noise, no keycap twitching noise, and no return noise

2. Keychron K2

Why Buy This:

  • K2: 75% layout (84 keys) RGB backlit compact mechanical Bluetooth keyboard. The ultimate keyless keyboard that holds shortcuts and arrow keys. Aluminum frame.
  • K8: Keyless layout (87 keys) RGB backlit Bluetooth mechanical keyboard. Designed to maximize your productivity using the most popular TKL layout. Aluminum frame.
  • Included: 1X Keychron K2 Gateron Brown Switch Keyboard & 1X Keychron K8 Gateron Brown Switch Keyboard

3. Redragon K552 KUMARA

Why Buy This:

  • Stunning sturdy build
  • Full RGB Modes
  • Decent brightness
    Convenient keys
  • Very touchable and soft
    Compact and portable
  • No software/plugin required
    Has service center in India for easy repair/warranty claim
    Good customer service

4. Logitech G213 Prodigy

Why Buy This:
This keyboard looks a lot like the “clacker” keyboards of the ’90s and is moderately noisy when typing or doing things. This keyboard does not type like the K740 because the top of the keys is a bit smaller with a larger gap between them. It took three weeks of vigorous use to get used to it but still, the speed is very different. In all other respects, this keyboard is simply excellent. It works and looks great. It does not slip on the desk and feels solid.

5. Razer Cynosa V2

Why Buy This:

  • Great price
  • Brilliant lighting (strong color backlit, fully adjustable with full customization)
    Soft clicks, very quiet for the keyboard
    No issues with any of the switches or shadows, which is what I would expect from a gaming keyboard
    Feels strong, but not too heavy
  • Adjustable legs to fit the height of your hand. Very comfortable even for long periods of use.
    Cons (all minors)
  • For a while, the backspace and space bar creaks when pressed occasionally. It was not very noticeable, did not interfere with any of the functions, and disappeared after a few weeks. The only reason I included it was because it disturbed the perfection within me.
  • Sometimes the driver does not boot vertically, so the keyboard lights go out or go back to standard illumination. It was easily fixed by opening the Synapse driver.
  • Personalization drivers can be more user-friendly. Once you get the hang of it, it’s fun to fiddle with!
6. Logitech G413

Why Buy This:

  • It’s sleek and compact which I enjoy (not a fan of big, bulky consoles).
  • Brilliant lighting (steady, true-to-color)
    The keys are easy to take out, clean, and put back in.
  • I had no shades (I can remember twice a shaded switch and it is much better than the Corsair K70 Lux I own).
    Logitech switches are super quiet compared to Cherry Browns (yes, much quieter than Cherry Browns).
    The working pressure is good and the writing is easy and smooth.
  • I didn’t notice any difference in any input delay between this and my corsair.
  • Very durable (I probably dropped the keyboard from a standing height on a hardwood floor by accident and it held up just fine)
7. Steelseries apex 3

Why Buy This:
Great playback tuning! I can feel the difference in the games by running them super fast. Typing is the exact opposite, I have a lot of typos with a very fast launch. This isn’t a problem at all, because you can switch profiles on the go and have one of the best writing experiences imaginable with an ultra-deep 3.6mm trigger point. It’s like having multiple keyboards at once and being able to easily change them to suit the task at hand.

8. Corsair k63

Why Buy This:
This is a compact keyboard without 10 numeric keys (10-keyless), and the master keys used are called Cherry MX RED. A little research has shown that Cherry switches of different colors indicate different key trips, pressures, and tactile feedback, and they are made by a German company (Cherry MX) with extensive testing and quality control. I thought I’d try this out on a myriad of low-cost consoles. Corsair is a name I’ve come to trust over the years for power supplies, memory, and USB drives.

The keyboard comes with a shipping label placed on the display box, without any additional packaging outside. The keyboard arrived fine, but I think I’ll order the Amazon box next time just in case, by selecting an option during checkout. The keyboard has a great feel to it, being heavier than full-size OEM keyboards one often sees. This version only contains red lights and not the colors of the rainbow. Key transitions are smooth and quiet without clicking. Of course, depending on the bottom depending on how hard you mash it, it will make some noise.

9. Razer Huntsman mini

Why Buy This:
Linear keys are very quiet especially for a mechanical keyboard because they have acoustic dampers on the keys. It’s the best typing experience I’ve had so far, and unlike the first generation version of this switch, Razer has made major improvements to the second generation version on this board. It is not easy to operate, so you don’t get as many wrong presses as before.

It’s an expensive pad, but overall I feel it’s worth it. Another point worth mentioning is that it has internal memory so you don’t need to use Synapse in order to save your lighting effects. This is very important because many people, including myself, hate synapses, so it’s great not to have to use them. I would say if the $130 price tag doesn’t scare you and you want a good, quiet mechanical keyboard, look no further than the Razer Huntsman 60% off.

10. Corsair K55 RGB Pro

Why Buy This:
This keyboard is for the guy who doesn’t want or can’t afford a mechanical keyboard. It has a great tactile feel for being a non-mechanical keyboard and definitely helps the RGB and palm rest. It has good anti-ghosting and macro keys for those high-intensity moments, too. Don’t really care about media controls but they are there if you want them. And they can work. But why do I get two stars if everything is so good?

11. Razer Ornata Chroma

Why Buy This:

The tactile click is great and because there is a wet under-diaphragm there is a clear click but due to the pattern of the keys and diaphragm, there is a soft bottom after the operation. The RGB lights look stunning and are fully customizable with Razer Synapse 3 software. I’ve found that I’m extremely accurate with this keyboard and feel like my greatest typing speed.
The mid-high keys feel more comfortable and were easier to adapt to the lower-level Apple Magic Keyboard. The included wrist support is a nice addition.


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