Which is the best induction cooker brand? Today, induction hobs make cooking faster, more efficient, and most importantly safer compared to gas hobs. Moreover, the induction cooker also provides more uniform cooking. If you’re looking to make a steamer with your family, it’s great to have an induction cooker too! With a large variety of induction cookers available in the market, what is the best induction cooker in the Philippines? Here is the best induction cooker in the Philippines.

1. Philips HD4911

Why Buy This:
Enjoy a more comfortable cooking experience with the Philips HD4911 induction cooker touch coil sensor that lets you touch the surface freely without feeling hot. Do you often forget to turn off your cooker? The auto shut-off feature relieves your hassle of turning it off because it will automatically turn off when not in use. Moreover, it has 5 healthy cooking programs with temperatures ranging from 60°C to 280°C.

2. Midea FP-60ISL160WETL-N

Why Buy This:
If you are looking for an alternative that is cheaper but still offers great quality, the Midea FP-60ISL160WETL-N is worth taking home. The great value it offers makes it a popular choice with over 1,000 positive reviews on Lazada. It comes with 6 cooking functions and 8 power stages for great versatility. Moreover, cooking with the Midea series is also faster thanks to the dual coil technology. Last but not least, the auto shut-off and auto cooling features make it more worth your money.

3. Imarflex IDX-1650S

Why Buy This:
Another induction cooker worth buying is the Imarflex IDX-1650S. It is an induction cooker with a power of 1500 watts. This 38mm slim induction cooker has 5 preset menus that allow you to cook a distinct type of meal according to your needs, whether it’s a hot pot, quick fry, steam, warm, or boiled. The glass cooker is also safe for your children thanks to the child lock feature.

4. American Heritage Induction Cooker AHIC-6174

Why Buy This:
Next up is the American Heritage AHIC-6174, which features a crystal design and 8 cooking programs to allow you to cook different types of foods to suit your preferences. It has an automatic overheating cut-off feature that will alert you due to overheating. This feature can also help you prevent the destruction of beneficial nutrition and also prevent harmful free radicals in your meals.

5. Imarflex IDX-2000S

Why Buy This:
Do you regularly need to cook in large quantities? Meet the Imarflex IDX-2000S Slim Induction Cooker, a heavy-duty induction cooker with a capacity of 15 kg. This 47mm slim induction cooker has 26cm cookware that lets you cook with a large pot. The touch-sensitive panel allows you to control the cooker easily. Rest assured that it has a child lock function making it safe for your little one.

6. Caribbean CIS-2019

Why Buy This:

If you are not into the expensive induction cooker, then the Caribbean CIS-2019 can be the best budget pick. Regardless of its price, it is still worth considering as it comes with decent quality. The control panel is not only easy to use for everyone, but it is also nice to touch while cooking. You can also cook quickly thanks to the rapid heating feature.

7. Electrolux EHED63CS 60cm Built-in Induction Hob

Why Buy This:
While this built-in induction hob can make a great complement to your interior, it is much more durable when compared to other traditional induction cookers in the Philippines. Moreover, it also offers 4 induction plates so you can cook a variety of foods simultaneously. Even better, it is made of a glass material that is more energy-efficient and will remain cool to the touch. If you prefer the smaller option with fewer stoves, the Electrolux EEH353C is well worth your money.

8. Dowell IC-18V

Why Buy This:
The Dowell IC-18V is worth considering because it offers ease of use with its modern swivel handles. It is also designed with a double burner for easy cleaning. Moreover, the ten adjustable temperature settings and faster cooking power allow you to quickly cook a variety of suitable hot foods. The automatic shutdown feature is also an important feature to consider.

9. Imarflex IDX-2250

Why Buy This:
The Imarflex IDX-2250 deserved the Best Double Hob award because it has comprehensive features and is cheaper than most other double induction hobs in the Philippines. The cookware’s capacity of 20 kg and 24 cm allows you to save a lot of your time by cooking a variety of foods at once. Thanks to the auto shut-off feature, you can save even more energy as it will turn off automatically when the cooking process is finished.

10. Imarflex Induction Cooker IDX-3100HG

Why Buy This:
If you are not satisfied enough with the smidgen power settings, then this induction cooker is definitely the right choice for you. Imarflex IDX-3100HG has 10 power settings that allow you to set a variety of heat amounts for your special food, from 60°C to 240°C. The relatively low power level of 1800 watts makes this induction cooker highly energy efficient. If you have any kids in the house, its child lock feature will prevent them from changing the control panel while cooking so it’s safe for kids too.


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