Which is the best karaoke system for home? Karaoke machines can make your home the perfect place to hang out. Whether you are a young adult or an adult with a family, karaoke is always the time to have a good time at home. A good karaoke machine comes with advanced digital features and a thousand songs already stored. With a large variety of karaoke machines in the Philippines, which is the best karaoke machine in the Philippines? Here is the best karaoke machine in the Philippines.

1. MP Megapro Plus Megasound

Why buy This:
When talking about some of the best karaoke machines in the Philippines, we can’t ignore the MP Megapro Plus Megasound. It may look like an old machine but it offers reliable performance. This includes a smart recording system, full HDMI video output, and song backup in case of a power outage. You can also use USB playback and record any vocals, while the favorite function allows you to store more than 250 songs!

2. Platinum Karaoke KS-1

Why Buy This:
The Platinum Karaoke KS-1 is an excellent DVD player and karaoke machine. Yes, that’s right. Enjoy a movie night right after your heart sings to classic karaoke beats. The included collection consists of more than 10,000 songs of classics, poems, and the latest hits. Meanwhile, the compact design makes it easy to set up and store too!

3. WOW! Fiesta HD Mini Karaoke Player

Why Buy This:
Those looking for a mini karaoke machine that won’t take up much space and storage will love WOW! Fiesta HD Mini karaoke player. In addition to thousands of songs included and an unlimited song downloader app, karaoke nights will be really cool! This karaoke machine can also be used as a megaphone for a movie marathon, thanks to the USB-connected multimedia player. Best of all, the WOW Fiesta can play music in your car.

4. Konzert KCS-222 Karaoke Amplifier & Speaker

Why Buy This:
The Konzert KCS-222 woofer and tweeter are ideal if you prefer a sleeker, more modern device. This device comes with a 300W mini subwoofer, two full amplifiers, a wired subwoofer, and a wired microphone. However, there is an additional microphone input for an additional microphone! You can also FM radio, Bluetooth, and any USB or SD card for easy playback of your favorite karaoke songs. You can also adjust the sound system in terms of reverberation, bass, and treble.

5.The Platinum Cello V1

Why Buy This:
Sometimes the best thing to do is choose the absolute best option that will last for years, which in this case would be Platinum Cello V1. This wireless microphone model features a USB interface for playing music and video, which also contains more than 20,000 licensed songs. This is a really nice set of options!

6. ACE SJ-8809

Why Buy This:
Our budget pick today is the ACE SJ-8809, which is also an excellent portable option. An 8-inch speaker compliments the wireless microphone, making it ideal for outdoor parties or indoor gatherings alike. You can use aux or USB port and SD card to play MP3 files and blast any songs you want. This karaoke machine also comes with remote control and a rechargeable battery. In fact, these features are great considering their price!

7. V8 Soundcard

Why Buy This:
For those who enjoy mixing their own music and experimenting with sound effects, the V8 Soundcard is the karaoke machine for you. It features 112 electric sounds, 18 sound effects, and 6 modes for a completely selective karaoke experience. Moreover, you can enjoy tools such as tuning knobs, original sound cancellation, live vocals, and a large battery capacity. Thanks to the 320MHz transducer, the effect of the live broadcast will also be more realistic!

8. The Platinum Karaoke Junior Lite KS-5

Why Buy This:
Platinum Karaoke Junior Lite KS-5 has been sold over 4,700 times on Shopee alone while it has received around 2,300 reviews with an average of 4.8 stars. If that’s not enough proof of its quality, we don’t know what is! You’ll instantly have access to a database of 16,000 songs, complete with new DVD sets released twice a year. This karaoke machine also supports smart recording and on-screen song search for ultimate convenience. Moreover, there is a music and DVD movie function, which gives this tool real versatility.

9. V2S M5

Why Buy This:

The V2S M5 is one of our favorite karaoke machines in the Philippines. It is relatively affordable while still offering amazing performance. We also love its sleek and portable design, allowing you to bring karaoke with you anywhere! This karaoke machine features FM radio, USB input, and SD card, as well as a remote control to control the settings. Moreover, you can enjoy pure sounds from the 5-inch speaker and dual microphone inputs.


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