Which brand rice cooker is best? The rice cooker helps cook fluffy white rice in less than 5 minutes of preparation, while also cooking the rice faster. Nowadays, rice cookers come with many features and technologies that allow us to even cook other foods like soup, porridge, and even steamed vegetables for a healthy dinner. With a large variety of rice cookers available in the market, which is the best rice cooker in the Philippines? Here is the best rice cooker in the Philippines.

1. Xiaomi Mi Smart IH Rice Cooker

Why Buy This:
The first on our list is the Xiaomi MI Smart Rice Cooker, which offers great value for money for its price compared to other induction rice cookers in the Philippines. Combining electromagnetic induction heating with modern micro-pressure heating to cook rice uniformly with the most efficient use of energy. There is also an intelligent heat control that provides thermal stability and adjusts the temperature according to the type of rice. In fact, you can cook rice with more than 3000 different types of cooking methods!

2. Imarflex Commercial Rice Cooker IRC-5400S

Why Buy This:
With an extra-large capacity of 5.2 liters, the Imarflex IRC-5400 is an ideal choice for an incredibly large family or restaurant. The dew collector helps prevent condensation from escaping from the rice cooker during cooking and when the lid is opened. It is also easy to operate as it only requires the touch of a button to start cooking. With a durable stainless steel construction and a non-stick inverted coating plate, cleaning is easy and simple. Finally, there is a pilot indicator light that changes color when cooking is finished.

3. Midea 1.8L Multi Cooker FP-62KCR018LETM-G1

Why Buy This:
The Midea FP-62KCR018LETM-G1 is a multifunctional rice cooker with amazing versatility. It has an easy-to-use display panel where you can access different pre-set cooking modes like Fast Cook, Standard Cook, Refined Cook, Reheat, and Steaming. There are also 8 other pre-made menus for cooking congee, porridge, soup, cereal, and many more. Plus, the timer has an impressive 15-hour range so you can prepare the rice before bed and go back to the freshly cooked rice the next morning.

4. Fukuda Rice Cooker FRC15

Why Buy This:
Fukuda FRC15 is the cheapest rice cooker in the Philippines, period. It may not have multifunctional features, but it does its primary job well – cooking soft and fluffy rice! The lid is made of tempered glass to observe the cooking process without opening the lid. Moreover, the detachable cord keeps your kitchen tidy when not in use. It also comes with a bonus measuring cup and serving scoop for easy preparation.

5. Imarflex IRJ-60T/BR Portable Cooker & Warmer

Why Buy This:
For a portable rice cooker in the Philippines, the Imarflex IRJ-60T/BR is definitely one to consider. It comes in a compact design with a 3-cup capacity and is easy to carry thanks to its ergonomic handle. Moreover, the cool-touch cover allows you to move it around easily without your hand getting hot. There is also a 6-hour keep-warm function to easily keep your food warm. The coating is made of a non-stick, crystalline Teflex material for easy cleaning.

6. American Heritage Black AHRC-6171

Why Buy This:
If you’re looking for a rice cooker for a small family, check out the American Heritage AHRC-6171. It has a capacity of 1.0 liter and comes at an affordable price. The automatic cooking system cooks the rice to perfection, with overheating safety protection for added safety.

7. Micromatic MJRC-5028

Why Buy This:
One of the most popular rice cookers in the Philippines, Micromatic MJRC-5028 is a great choice for its reasonable price. With over 800 units sold and an excellent rating of 4.7/5 on Shopee, this 1.5L rice cooker is the perfect addition to any kitchen. With the steamer basket, steaming vegetables for a healthy dose of dinner will be a breeze. In addition to that, there is also a keep-warm function which comes in handy to keep your foods warm.

8. Imarflex IRJ-1800Y

Why Buy This:
Imarflex IRJ-1800Y is a good choice if you want an affordable multifunctional rice cooker in the Philippines. The 4-in-1 cooker can be used to cook rice, offers a heating and steam function, and even has a fan favorite – the shabu shabu cooking mode! Thanks to the 3D cooking technology and dew collector, the rice will taste better with minimal dew. Cleaning the rice cooker after cooking is a breeze thanks to the non-stick coating pan.

9. Kyowa Rice Cooker 10L

Why Buy This:
If you are looking for a rice cooker in the Philippines for your catering or restaurant, check out Kyowa Rice Cooker. With a capacity of 10 liters, this allows you to cook a large amount of rice in a short time. Kyowa chain is gas-powered and made of stainless steel material with high durability.


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