Do anti-radiation glasses works? Long hours of screen exposure and exposure to blue light can cause digital eye strain and thus affect sleep quality. With the way things are going now, you will likely need anti-radiation glasses to help you take better care of your eyes. With a wide range of anti-radiation glasses available in the market, which are the best anti-radiation glasses in the Philippines? Here are the best anti-radiation glasses in the Philippines.

1. Peculiar Eyewear CLUBMASTER Square Anti-Radiation Replaceable Lens

Why Buy This:

Peculiar Eyewear is best known for its line of computer glasses. They offer a selection of affordable yet stylish frame designs, as well as lenses with blue light technology to protect the eyes. Furthermore, Peculiar Eyewear has been a leader in affordable computer eyewear and optical frames since 2015. With so many different styles and colors to choose from in their store, it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. However, we recommend CLUBMASTER Square Glasses because you can never go wrong with this bestselling specs design!

2. Fashion Photochromic Anti-Radiation Glasses

Why buy This:
If you’re on a tight budget, you might want to consider getting these anti-radiation photochromic glasses from Shopee. The MetroSunnies set of glasses can really cost you a fortune, and there’s nothing wrong with looking for a budget-friendly alternative. This glass is very similar to MetroSunnies technical specifications and can also give you complete protection both indoors and outdoors. Moreover, it also features photochromic lenses that will automatically change colors when exposed to sunlight.

3. Cyxus Anti-Radiation Glasses

Why Buy This:
Gamers, look no further than Cyxus’ anti-radiation blue light blocking goggles! Since 2009, Cyxus has been an American professional eyewear brand that manufactures computer glasses, polarized sunglasses, reading glasses, and gaming glasses for men, women, and children. These highly acclaimed glasses not only help reduce eye strain but also help protect against UVA and UV400 rays. These glasses, unlike some blue-light filtering glasses with lens filters, will not discolor your screens, allowing you to play the best. And with so many distinctive designs to choose from, there’s a color and size to suit you.

4. MetroSunnies Art Specs with Con-Strain PRO Photochromic Blue Light Lens

Why Buy This:
The brand first appeared in the internet market, selling fashionable eyeglasses, and was well-received by students and the working class. Now, they have a wide range of anti-radiation goggles that can help you through your WFH days! Long periods on the screen, as well as time spent outside in the sun, can damage your eyes. But this tech spec from MetroSunnies™ has a signature Con-Strain™ PRO Photochromic lens that automatically adapts to your environment! The transition from a clear, anti-blue light for indoor use to a polluted lens for outdoor use is seamless, so you don’t need an extra magnifying glass when your afternoon hikes! And with their metal frame, like any other eyeglasses, they are indeed likely to last a long time with proper care.

5. Zup Nomad Anti Blue Light Eyeglasses

Why Buy This:
If you are looking for a quality, pocket-friendly, unisex pair of eyeglasses, then this pair from Zup Nomad is a great choice. It has high-quality frames with corrective lenses for people with astigmatism or nearsightedness. Frames are also available in a variety of colors to compliment your own style. The lens also offers excellent UVA/UVB protection, allowing you to use it outside! This set of anti-blue light glasses will only cost you a small amount of money, but it is well worth it. You can even change the lens to a prescribed or tinted lens!

6. HE Eyeglasses Cat Ear Anti Blue Light

Why Buy This:
We hear a lot about cat eye specifications, but don’t forget their pretty ears! If you think it’s time to change eyeglass frames, why not choose one inspired by the cat’s ear? Shopee anti-radiation cat ear goggles will surely give you a big appeal. Its large round lenses and gold cat ear detailing add the perfect finishing touch to any look you desire. Moreover, these anti-radiation glasses have the function of absorbing low-frequency microwaves while giving you a fresh and natural vision without compromising your style.

7. Kid’s Eye Protection Glasses

Why Buy This:
Kids, like most teenagers nowadays, are addicted to digital products, especially during the quarantine period. Moreover, the retina of children is more sensitive than that of adults, so additional protection from blue light is required. If you are looking for glasses for children, then Lazada baby eye protection glasses are the best choice. It has a true protective layer that filters out over 89% of harmful light and blocks harmful UV400 rays. Moreover, these glasses are lightweight and comfortable to wear, so your child will not be easily affected while playing or doing homework online.

8. Korean Round Anti-Radiation Eyeglasses

Why Buy This:
These glasses from Shopee is another great addition to your Korean-inspired outfit, and they’re more retro-styled. These classic and elegant blue lock glasses, like any other anti-blue light glasses, can effectively block harmful blue light and protect your eye health.


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